2 Dialects 1 Harmony

A failed actor decides to follow the footsteps of great Cahangir Novruzov to progress in his career. We are dragged with him into an unexpected journey, meeting many great artists to reach the “Creative Mood” of Stanislavski.
The film is a themed documentary, which takes the audience to a journey. In the mind of the author and through the eyes of the traveler, we meet many great Azarbaijani & Turkish artists explaining their views of art. All the points converge and we reach a comprehensive Biography of Mr. Cahangir Novzourov and get to know a family dedicated to art since generations.

  • Najiba Abbasova
  • Najiba Abbasova
  • Huseyin Eken
  • Najiba Abbasova
  • Cahangir Novruzov
    Key Cast
  • Emre Ozmen
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 16 minutes 54 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 20, 2015
  • Production Budget:
    35,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Najiba Abbasova

Najiba Abbasova was born in 1985, Baku. She is graduated Odlar Yurdu University, Radio Television Department in 2006; Istanbul University, Documentation Management Department in 2011.

She worked in Ictimai Tv between 2005-2010; Channel T and Sports Tv in 2011 as live broadcasting manager.

She performed as Chief Editor in FIYAP F07 Cinema magazine in 2015.

She has been working as project manager at Beyaz Gemi Social Project Agency since 2013 and as columnist in Ulkem Newspaper since 2015.

She can speak languages Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish and English.

Ictimai TV Programs;

1. “Biri Varmış Biri Yokmuş” studio program director,

2. ”Siluet” studio program director,

3. “Çocukların Şehri” program director,

4. “Biyoloji Hayat” studio program director,

5. ”Uyku Hafızası” cinema movie studio program co-director and actress,

6. “UNICEF – in AIDS” social introductory film,

7. “Rakamsal Dünya” live studio program editor and director,

8. “Hiperaktif Çoçuklar” program director,

9. “Aile İlişkileri” program director,

10. “Marionet Hayat” program director,

11. “Trafik” program director,

12. “Satranç ve Program Yazılımcısı” program director,

13. “Biyodünya” studio program editör and director,

14. “Annem ve Ben” program director,

15. “Xemse “ game Show program,

16. “Sanal Dünya” game Show program,

17. “ADA Meclis” international political program co-director.

Channel T Programs;

1. Hayat Ağacı,
2. News 13, News 16, Prime News,
3. Seyir Defteri,
4. Tv Pazarı,
5. Tarafsız Saha,
6. Meral’le Hayat,
7. Seçim 2011.

Sports TV Programs;

1. News 11, 12, 15, 16,17,
2. İddialı Bakış,
3. Sportzone,
4. Sport Center,
5. Transfer Dünyası,
6. Süper Spor.


Project owner and director of “Kadraj Arkası”.
Compering in one episode of TRT AVAZ “Bir Şehir Bir İnsan” program.


2013 - Turkish World Cultural Values International Symposium - Eskisehir
2015 Turkish World Dede Korkut Symposium - Izmir


2014 - 6.Communication with Tomorrow Workshop – Skopje – Macedonia; Prizren - Priština - Kosovo

Add Director Biography
Director Statement

I am trying to tell the extent, effects and place in my lives of Azerbaijan culture on every occasion. I wanted to convey the substantial works of Azerbaijani artists living and working in Turkey to the greater audience.

I tried to explain the difficulties that we faced in our lives and things that I must do against these over acting. Each one of us is a player in our own lives? We are just playing our roles in different areas.

We are witnessing that a traveler who is candidate player and who pursues his guide master to reach “Creative Mood” of Stanislavski in seeking the way of producing which is the mother lode of the art for this cause; a master who may lead him the way with his art and experiences, Cahangir Novruzov in this film. As we watch the adventure of the traveler’s search, we bear witness to contributions of Cahangir Novruzov and his parents to the art of theatre of Azerbaijan and Turkey and a period of theatre history.

The film is for every people that searching for themself. Succesfull people may seem as so comfortable, happy and free of problems but there are different seekings, failures, difficulties, trainings and examinations behind of any success. You are on the road of success if you know the way of behaving properly and applying it, so don't watch the film because you may be the main character of this film. But if you still continue your adventure, the I can say “watch this film”. The ideas and struggles in this film may excite you.