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A Grave Where Horses Lie

"A Grave Where Horses Lie" takes place during the American expansionist era known as the Wild West, taking place in a variety of locations, a lavish cast of character, and with little to no major special effects required.

"A Grave Where Horses Lie" is the story about three criminals employed by the federal government to track down a dangerous bandit who calls himself Caesar. The main character Aaron is a young sharp shooter who works with his friend Theo to help sell Theo's fake cure all to anyone interested. Eventually they're captured for their crimes and in order to gain their freedom they must work with a government official Clark and his partner Davis who have another prisoner, a Native American woman named Tala who can help track down Caesar.

Due to the three members criminal status the party must avoid major towns along their journey and travel by horse back off the beaten path. Throughout they will encounter the low lives of the west from corrupted officials, murderous highway men, and undesirable vagrants all leading up to the final confrontation against Caesar and his bandit gang.

  • Skylier Jones
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Writer - Skylier Jones