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Saving Grace Again


  • Runtime:
    43 minutes 27 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography

Saving Grace Homeless Shelter at lakeside Village

Started Working at Leprechaun in the Hood
Today — Movie Actor
Los Angeles, California

Started Working at Social Security Adminimstration
Today — Contact Agent
Saginaw, Michigan

I got at least two jobs for 2 credits from podcasting/media like social security'$ podcast page
state cop dispatch job paid like social security so
15.00 an hour x 20 hours part timer on podcast page for 911 ads = $300 and another one for biweekly w2 form =
$600 and multiply 28% taxes = $168 due to taxes until end of year means I get around $432 in my pocket now my red bull job app gives me weekly pay probably so
15.00 an hour x 20 hours = $300 x 4 weeks = $1,200.00
plus 28% taxes for free tax usa = $1199.72 in my pocket
plus $561 social security and disability in the future when I can get this for applying in this type of job and getting other misc income on the side of this and I pay around $250 in rent and maybe $400 because 30% HUD RENT

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Director Statement

Saving Grace is now at Bickford senior living when wanting to go back to earth from rapture space mission and she shall help me make a film on house doc 840 Emerson and talk about it with older people with my aunt Maggie and cousins