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The story follows recent college grad, Elizabeth (or Beth), and her close friends as she tries to find her professional self and establish her individuality as an adult. Beth is an intelligent 21st century woman who recently graduated from Cincrest University in the small town of Cincrest. She is very anxious about beginning a career that relates to her degree in history, but everyone knows how hard that can be. Nobody dismisses Beth’s ambitious ideas more than her stepfather Hugh, who is hiding some secrets. Even so, Beth always has Jenny, her carefree best friend of years, who she can talk with and share her struggles. After moving home after college graduation, Beth is determined to land a dream job of researching at a local museum, but when she does it is also comes with a very unpredictable boss, Mr. Stevens. It is safe to say that things get complicated at work, and to top it off Beth tries to balance dating and family drama.

  • Lesem Puerto
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    Television Script
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    Drama, Comedy
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    United States
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Writer - Lesem Puerto