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Everyday, people are accosted by the homeless, street musicians, unlicensed costumed characters, dancers, and illegal immigrant food vendors, all asking for your hard earned money.
For as long as the public is aware, these people show up out of nowhere to start their day of begging. Groups consist of The East Las Vegas Hooker Commission, the North Las Vegas B.U.M.S., the Westside League, and the founding group is the League of B.U.M.S. or "Bodies n Unified Movement Sect". Twice a week the League meets at Sunset Park to catch up on all events in Las Vegas and to plan their movements for maximum panhandling. Each person in the league has a duty to perform, sometimes they fight, and sometimes work gets done.

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    Short Script, Stage Play
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    United States
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Writer Biography

G. Scott's first professional performance was in 1995 with the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in Snow Camp, North Carolina, in the productions of “Pathway to Freedom” and “Sword of Peace.” After performing there for 3 years, it provided the right push to continue his Acting/Singing career. Which lead to Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas' to portray Harriet Tubmans' Father/Husband in “Harriet Tubman“. Hired in St. Louis, MO. to perform multiple characters in Metro Theatre Company's production of 'Beowulf' as Unferth, Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and Wiglaf. Moved to Richmond, Virginia, performed as a Marionette puppeteer and Storyteller for productions of “The Velveteen Rabbit”, and “Serendipity” with the Science Museum of Virginia. Performed as two women in a local production of “Pageant” with the Richmond Triangle Players.

While in Baltimore, Maryland, work as a Featured Background for two seasons of “The Wire” on HBO. That experience working on the set with David Simon and Ernest Dickerson, helped get his writing career started in full. G. Scott's one act play “Space for Rent” opened in 2005 at the “Abbie Hoffman: Died for our Sins theatre festival” at the Mary-Archie Theatre in Chicago, Ill. Since then, wrote a book of poetry titled, “thru my myopic eyes.” Several one act plays, and a comic book,“Crisis” which was in agreement with Dark Horse comics.

Moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for a more concentrated approach to continuing as an actor. A commercial as an Limo driver for “Vegas Uncork‘d”, a culinary convention, Drag Queen for an episode of “All Worked Up” on the Tru-TV network, and a Swedish speaking mattress lover. Studied Improv with Second City Las Vegas and AFTRA. Performed in several productions with the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company since 2006, “Cinderella Enchanted” to “Hamlet” to “Willy Wonka.” Recently, performed in “Bye, Bye Birdie” with the Super Summer Theatre Company.

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