Heaven's Light

Heavens Light – Synopsis

STAN PENTZ and his son NATHANIEL arrive to snow packed parking lot at a Retirement Center to visit his ninety year old Grandfather Pentz. Nathaniel loves Papa Pentz's stories. Stan gets a phone call and leaves the room. PAPA PENTZ and Nathaniel smile and look at each other. Papa Pentz decides that it's time for him to tell Nathaniel a true story, when he was in his twenties. Nathaniel notices some Pulitzer Awards on the wall.

He starts telling about a man, that came to a town, that he was destine to meet that would guide him on the path to those awards and the life he was meant to have. It was near Christmas time when he arrived. Papa Pentz lost his parents at the age of fifteen and went to live with his UNCLE DAVID, who owned a tabloid newspaper where Papa Pentz eventually worked As a youth he struggled with loss of his parents and locked on to any hope of seeing them again no matter where he found it. He spent much of his time as a reporter looking for proof of aliens. To him there was more proof of aliens than of God.

His Uncle David always had hope that Nathan (Papa Pentz), with heavens help, would one day find his destiny. JAROM arrived in the small town not knowing who he was there to help. He soon realizes that it's BECKY, a young girl dealing with insecurities with her body and some bullying during her first year at a new High School after the school in her town closed. Jarom gets a job working at the High School to watch Becky's daily life. He soon finds the girl that's bullying Becky, Amy from a wealthy family. Amy shames Becky for how she looks. RANDY ARCHER, Amy's brother, begins picking on MIKE ALLEN, Becky's brother.

Jarom soon realizes that these two families need to see into each others life in a way they will not forget. Nathan comes to town following a story on alien dogs and comes across Jarom one night during a snow storm as he prepares to put these two families into each others lives. He must also do this without removing their choices. In the High School Mike puts up with a lot of harassment and negativity from Randy and his friend TODD SHULTZ. Becky deals with a lot of stress from Amy and her supposed friend CLARE.

The night comes for each family to see into each others lives for twenty-four hours. The next morning their perspectives change. It's Christmas Eve. They each realize they've been given a magnificent gift for Christmas.
Papa Pentz looks at Nathaniel as he finishes the story. Nathaniel is exceptionally quiet, he wonders if Jarom is real. Papa Pentz pulls out an old photo album and finds a picture of Jarom to show Nathaniel. A man enters the room with the evening meal. Nathaniel finally looks up at the man, it's Jarom. Jarom tells Nathaniel that he sees the same in him as he did once in Papa Pentz and one day he would work with him as he did with Papa Pentz.

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Writer - Barry K Pagel