My flag

Please don't drag my flag around don't burn it to the ground .
The red stands for the blood for the ones we also loved the white is for the light that guy just by the night the blue is for the sea God gave to you and me

First verse
It's gone from Sea to sea and flown on mountains high
I flag stands for freedom for those who fought and died
We pledge allegiance to our flag one nation under God you see it in our harbors it's welcomed with our love
It flies on Ellis island to show there is no fear

You see she is my grand old flag I love soever dear
Second verse
It's gone from Pearl Harbor in Vietnam and Iraq
It's speed on in other countries is even worn on our backs
You see her draped on coffins
Of our soldiers who's lost their lives
Men and women who served our country for our freedom died .

  • Wendy Lynn Adams
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    United States
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