“Restless” is a modern day drama residing in the humid city of Houston. Its the story of a talented musician that finds solace in a woman found inside a dreamworld created in his mind that in turn creates conflict in his everyday life. His close friend and bandmate (Reece), who hails him as a brother in constant admiration of his kind heart, tries and fails to bring him back from what Reece considers insanity.

David Freedman is a young and gifted guitarist that can’t escape the grips of a Malcontent mind suffocating him as the result of an emotional gap created in his childhood. At the end of yet another night of purposeful inebriation, he falls asleep and awakens inside of a utopic world to a classically beautiful and mysterious woman (Penelope). His life takes a turn as this dream continues to return and his relationship with Penelope deepens into a love he’s never experienced nor could have thought possible.

David for first time opens up to reveal the deep longing pain for acceptance by his father and the realization of his resolve for life in the real world fading fast as his love for Penelope grows. David begins to take ambien as a way to escape the real world and to spend more time in the dreamworld he eventually comes to realize was created by him and learns he can’t completely control.

In a desparate attempt to remain in the dreamworld forever, David takes a fatal amount of ambien while drinking heavily. Reece, the only person David has truly in depth confided in about the dream, vents to his Davids father (Jamal) about his actions. As a result, David is found motionlessly in a coma. However ,David remains conscious in his dreamworld with Penelope as he finds out it will NOT last forever.

“Restless” is a cynically dramatic love story of emptiness and the depths we are willing to sink to escape its eternal sentence. The fallacious belief that money, success, and drugs are the antidote for pain is felt by everyone and claims the lives by both the rich and poor the same. Its a story of redemption and self revelation but also gives a intriguing perspective of the Belief in God, Sex, Drugs, Money, Vanity, Fame, Family, and the everlasting yearning to be loved that poses the question of the glass filled half way or half empty!

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