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Inspired by real events while working on oil tankers for Chevron Shipping. After learning a chemical spill has sent a crazed Red Eyed whale after a Captain and his ship, his son, with the help of his Japanese teacher, whose guilty past of her towns namesake slaughtering whales drivers her to do everything in her power to help the Captain's son find a way to communicate with whales to prevent a collision in the San Francisco Bay.

Outside the bay, near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, teenager Evan and his family cast their fishing lines and his sister Sarah catches a fish. Suddenly, the small boat heaves violently pushed into the air by a WHALE. Father Brad worries the encounter was too close for comfort. Later, the family – along with mom Pam, enjoy time on a
tour boat and at the same time nearby, an oil tanker spills clear liquid from a hose into the ocean.
A whale with an angry red eye leaps from the water, the first human it sees is father/ship captain and it is furious, diving back into the water. Evan realizes the Red Eyed whale believes his father is responsible for the oil spill. Later, as Evan watches a whale being aggressive toward people, his phone rings – playing Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. The whale calms and swims away ... leaving Evan astounded. Can he communicate with whales by using music? Evan tries to explain what he experienced to his sister and mom, but they’re not on board with his imaginative descriptions. Jimmy continues to experiment with different ways to communicate with whales.
Evan asks his teacher Mrs. Yagami what could happen to whales coming into contact with toxic chemicals. It wouldn’t be good-- Mrs. Yagami, (has an intimate knowledge of whales as she was named after the named after a Japanese whaling town that spearheaded the development of more sophisticated whaling techniques in the 17th century)- because of this, and her guilt attached to her Namesakes name and the brutality against whales, she does everything in her power to help Evan. Meanwhile, on the ASL China, Captain Brad sees a whale stalking them in the water and he tells his crew to maintain course and speed. The red-eyed whale will not be deterred. Next, Evan takes a contraption he created to the beach, where a lifeless whale has come up on shore.
In front of news cameras, Jimmy plays his music – and the whale’s fin lifts and falls. When asked to do it again, however, it doesn’t work, and Evan is dejected.
On board the ASL China, whales now push the China aggressively – Brad looks over the side and sees the same angry red eyed whale and yells out RED! The Red eyed whale nearly sinks a tug boat and the Ship, Captain and Crew are in mortal danger.
Evan and family get on the Tiburon ferry, and he persuades the skipper to help. Evan uses his communication instrument and explains he believes the whales are out for revenge on his father. Mrs Yagami joins jimmy on a ferry boat into the bay as his father ship enters. She will do anything to help and shows up wearing a ceremonial Shinto dress. The song doesn’t work, and Jimmy is terrified for his father – until mom Pam suggests trying to use whale sounds against the whales. Mrs Yagami offers ceremonial tea and throws lotus blossoms into the Bay and prays with Evan and family to the gods. Evan loads in sounds of killer whales – and the other whales run for cover, retreating from the ASL China. The story ends as the family and Mrs Yagami visits together at a restaurant, and Evan's phone rings with the killer whale songs. A whale surfaces, exiting quietly, and suddenly speeds up out of the beautiful Tiburon cove.

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    United States
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  • LAIFF November 2015 First Place Television Screenplay, Mob Chick
  • Socal 2018 screenplay, First Place, RUNAWAY SHIP
    October 17, 2018
    So Cal FIRST PLACE winner, Runaway Ship
  • Hollywood Hills Film Awards, Diamond award for RED
    August 23, 2020
    Best Screenplay: Diamond Award: Red (Theodore Carl Soderberg)
  • Beverly Hills Screenplay contest for Whales Gone Wild/RED
    July 24, 2022
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I'm retired from the Sailor's Union of the Pacific as Bosun, The Screen Actor's Guild and Chevron Shipping. I was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, where Rudyard Kipling wrote Kim, and Captains Courageous. I was raised in Scarsdale New York and Newtown Connecticut where I worked as a psychiatric aide for the criminal insane before going to War. Returning from the Vietnam War I received an Associates in Arts degree from the College of Marin in Kentfield Ca. I have spent nearly a lifetime at sea. I'm also a retired member of SAG, and having worked as an Extra in over one hundred productions from San Francisco to Burbank.. I have commercial fished for salmon in Alaska; and I have 3 published books and 8 unpublished screenplays. I spend my down time in Ubon Ratchathani Thailand taking care of my rubber trees .

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