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Captain Curtain Adventures

A lost super hero from plant Curtainia discovers earth and hopes to find someone from his planet here. He befriends some children, giving them super powers, lasting up to four hours at a time, as they go on adventures all around the world and to the moon.

  • M.R. Cooper
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    Screenplay, Stage Play, Television Script, Other
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    United States
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  • Quarter Finals- 1st TV Script Writing Competition -For Original Screenplay Skitzo Moms
Writer Biography - M.R. Cooper

M. R. Cooper has a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University. She attended college on a full academic scholarship. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She is one of eight children. She was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Her mother is a paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder. Her mother has resided in a state-run mental health facility for about 25 years now. Her father worked sixteen hours shifts for six days a week, in a Steel Mill for thirty-seven years, as she was growing up. He is now retired. She has been through many challenges in her life and she is still standing. She is brilliant, optimistic and resilient, despite it all.
M.R. Cooper has written three poetry books, five plays, and fifteen screenplays. She loves to tell stories that take you on a journey. She is married to Marvin. They currently reside in Columbus Ohio, with their two children.

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Writer Statement

Captain Curtain Adventures is the product of a series of bedtime stories I'd tell my son, who couldn't get to sleep. Soon my eldest child and husband joined in to hear the stories, excited to hear what would happen next. Captain Curtain Adventures is a cross between Goonies and Doctor Who.