Filmmakers, this is your chance to shine! CurdledTV is putting up +$2,500 CASH for the best 10 minute short film made during our 72 hour contest.

When you register your team you’ll be stepping up to compete against other filmmakers for who can make and turn in the best original 10 min short horror film in just 72 hours. Oh there’s another catch…

You will also be assigned a unique prop, line of dialogue, character, and a location that must be included in your film. Team Leaders, that’s you and your competition, will login to a video chat Friday October 16th at 9pm Eastern to find out what “challenges” you’ve been assigned. Remember, you will be judged on how you use or represent each of the assigned requirements.

Once your film has been completed and uploaded (along with all the boring, but important paperwork) to our system, it will be streamed on CurdledTV for 10 days, along with all the other entries. The Top 10 entries (based on the number of views, likes, comments, and shares by CurdledTV subscribers) will be reviewed and judged by our panel of lunatics and included in a special LIVE CurdledTV screening with the Team/Team Leader on Halloween!

Before the end of that LIVE CurdledTV broadcast on Halloween, the winner of the first 72 Hour Horror Project and the +$2,500 cash prize will be announced.

Guaranteed top prize of $2,500 cash. Additional prizes and/or an increase to cash prize value may be added.

All Teams that submit a completed film on time that meets all of requirements will also receive an "Official Entry" designation.

Basic Rules:

Team Leader must be 18 years or older.
Run time must be 9 to 10 minutes (plus upto 1 minute for end credits).
All work must be original and done during the 72 hour contest period (no stock footage).
Team rep must attend the October 16th Kickoff video conference.
Films must include the 4 assigned challenges (prop, dialogue, location, and character).
Complete all paperwork (Team Leader agreement, cast & crew waivers, materials/music/location releases, team roster, and certification).
Completed films must be submitted, with documents and promo graphics, on time.

October 1st - Registration Opens
October 15th - Registration Closes
October 16th - 9pm Eastern LIVE Kickoff - challenges assigned (online)
October 16th - 10pm Eastern - Clock Starts
October 19th - 10:30pm Eastern - Turn-In Deadline
October 20th - Films added to for viewer scoring
October 30th - Top Ten films announced
October 31st - 2pm Eastern - Top Ten LIVE Screened (on - winner announced

The complete Contest and Filmmaking Rules are available at