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66 tells the story of an assassin-for-hire, who is hired to kill a police informant, but instead steals the money and runs, igniting the spark that leads a criminal organization to go to war with itself.
After returning home to hide out, he discovers his family’s business has ties to a branch of the same criminal organization. His secret past and bad decisions help spark a deadly battle for power between the men who hired him and hold his family’s fate in their hands. 66 soon finds himself caught in the middle of this war, with his loyalty torn between his family, his employer and the woman he was charged to protect.
A man of violence wishes to become something more. A city of criminals and evil men who will do anything to make sure it is their vision of the future that triumphs. A woman who still sees hope and potential for change. Whose vision is stronger, whose vision will succeed? A battle of willpower and violence, a battle between deadly men, with the fate of the city and one man’s soul hanging in the balance.

  • Asun Mawardi
    Pirate Brothers a.k.a Mortal Enemies
  • Matthew Ryan Fischer
    Pirate Brothers
  • Asun Mawardi
  • Asun Mawardi
    Pirate Brothers (Mortal Enemies), Untukmu, The Black Magic, I Do I Do, Tsunami (Documentary)
  • Gina Maria
  • Asun Mawardi
    Key Cast
  • Donita
    Key Cast
  • Erwin ST Bagindo
    Key Cast
    Pirate Brothers (Mortal Enemies), Untukmu
  • Ali Syehan
    Key Cast
  • Franki Darmawan
    Key Cast
  • Djaitov Tigor
    Key Cast
  • Yayu AW Unru
    Key Cast
    Pirate Brothers (Mortal Enemies)
  • Ricardo Silenzie
    Key Cast
    Pirate Brothers (Mortal Enemies)
  • Hendra Louis
    Key Cast
  • Fandy Christian
    Key Cast
  • Joshua D Pandelaki
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 56 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    December 1, 2015
  • Production Budget:
    800,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London
    United Kingdom
    February 23, 2016
    London Premiere
    Best Sound Design; Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language Film
  • WorlFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival
    Houston, Texas
    United States
    April 13, 2016
    US Premiere
    Platinum Remi Award - Crime Drama
  • Beijing International Film Festival
    April 21, 2016
    Beijing, China Premiere
    Official Panorama Screening
  • Martial Con Film Festival
    Los Angeles, California
    United States
    September 3, 2016
  • Action on Film Festival
    Los Angeles, California
    United States
    September 3, 2016
  • Xi'an Silk Road International Film Festival
    September 19, 2016
    Official Selection
Director Biography - Asun Mawardi

Having obtained his PhD in Business Administration, movie buff Asun Mawardi then decided to pursue his second love; enrolling himself at the prestigious New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. This would soon lead to him becoming the founder of the international production company, Creative Motion Pictures; combining the best of Hollywood and Asian approaches and resources, in producing the highest quality English and Asian language films.
Inspired by the experience from his first feature, “The Black Magic”, Asun Mawardi has gone on to produce and direct award-winning projects. These include “I Do I Do”, “Untukmu”, “Rindu Kami Pada Mu”, the “Tsunami” documentary and Pirate Brothers (aka Mortal Enemies in the US), as detailed below.

• “The Black Magic”, was filmed on location in Los Angeles and Bangkok. A psychological thriller, the cast comprised aspiring actors from the United States, Indonesia, and Thailand. The Black Magic was the official selection for the Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles / Sci-Fi Film festival in 2003.
• That same year, Asun Mawardi produces and directs “Untukmu” which picks up Best Cinematography at the prestigious Bandung Film festival in Indonesia. This win immediately catapults Creative Motion Pictures onto the Indonesian film industry.
• In 2004, Creative Motion Pictures collaborates with renowned actor, producer and director Jack Neo of Singapore. The romantic comedy, “I Do I Do” opens to a box office release in Singapore during the nation’s 2005 Chinese New Year celebrations.
• 2005 then sees Creative Motion Pictures teaming up with Set Film Workshop, a production company owned by Garin Nugroho, the renowned director from Indonesia who has won numerous accolades both internationally and locally. The movie, “Rindu Kami Pada Mu” goes on to win the Best Film Award at the 7th Asia Film Festival Osian’s Cinefan in New Delhi, India. Along the way, it picks up the MTV Movie Award (Indonesia) for Best Crying Scene and Best Art Director in Bandung Film Festival, Indonesia.
• In 2005, upon the recommendation of Singapore’s Terrestrial Broadcaster, Mediacorp, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (APU) approaches Creative Motion Pictures and engages Asun Mawardi as Executive Producer and Kantana for the Tsunami tragedy documentary.
• In 2011, Creative Motion Pictures produces Pirate Brothers, directed and produced by Asun Mawardi. Featuring Hollywood star Robin Shou and newcomer Verdy Bhawanta, Pirate Brothers goes on to win at the prestigious Platinum Remi Awards at the 45th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 2012. In addition, it picks up the Best Action Sequence Martial Arts Feature, along with 1st Runner Up for Action Movie of the Year at the 8th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival 2012. Accolades for Pirate Brothers includes: Winner of the Gold Trindie Award at the TrindieFest Independent Film Festival 2012. The icing on the cake for Pirate Brothes’ is perhaps winning Best Director and Best Film together with Best Screenplay and Best Lead Actor at the 5th Annual International Filmmaker Festival 2012 in the UK.
• Pirate Brothers is given a special mention award for its representation of the key points of the Genre "Orientale Combat" at the Salento International Film Festival 2012, and becomes the official selection to festivals worldwide including: Salt Lake City Film Festival 2012, Movieville International Film Festival 2012, and the 8th European Film Festival 2012.
• In 2013 Pirate Brothers a.k.a Mortal Enemies gets picked up and distributed by Lionsgate for North America territory.
• In 2014, Creative Motion Pictures collaborates for the second time with Singapore’s J Team Productions and director Jack Neo, for the third installment of Ah Boys to Men franchise Part 3: Frogmen.
• Ah Boys to Men - Part 3: Frogmen premiere on 19 February 2015 in Singapore. It makes headlines as Singapore’s highest grossing Asian film for its opening weekend.
• In 2016, Creative Motion Pictures make a comeback with “#66”. In this project, Asun Mawardi tackles the challenges of directing as well as taking on lead acting responsibilities. Mawardi serves at the titular character, #66, and has broadened his acting abilities and includes performing his own action stunts.
• #66 awarded Platinum Remi Award at the 49th WorldFest-Houston International Independent Film Festival 2016, also won Best Sound Design & Best Supporting Actress in a foreign Language film at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2016 and an Official Selection for several film festivals, such as International Panorama at the 6th Beijing International Film Festival; The 12th Annual Action on Film International Film Festival 2016 (nominated for Best Fight Choreography-Feature, Male Action Film of the Year & Action Film of the Year-Feature); MartialCon Film Festival 2016 (nominated for Male Action Performer of the Year, the Movie Action Film of the Year & Best Foreign Film) and the Panorama Section of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival 2016.
• The latest project of Asun Mawardi in 2016 is an action movie, ‘Street Hustle’, which now on post production.

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