Two women from a magical peace-keeping sisterhood discover a distress call while on a failed undercover mission. They learn that this call came from a science-led, magic-scorning diplomatic convoy that has crashed on the planet below. The two factions must learn how to work together when they are threatened by a third party that seeks to destroy them.

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  • Emily Giannozio
  • Patricia Richardson
  • Wendy Unger-Lee
  • Emily Giannozio
  • Emily Giannozio
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    Short Script
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Drama
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Writer Biography - Emily Giannozio

Emily Giannozio has experience working in the film industry as an actor and is new to the realm of writing and directing her own projects. Having her start in musical theater at a young age she moved to BC to pursue a film acting career, where she gained a love for being on set and working with like-minded creative individuals .

Since then she’s worked on many projects. Her credits include a range of roles from ABC’s “A Million Little Things” to Hallmark’s “A Little Daytime Drama”. As well as the short film "I Loved Her First" which has been accepted at festivals internationally.

She is an alumni of Vancouver Film School where she has written and directed three short films, "Steel", "Best Served" and "The Legend of Casimir Ilyas." Through these projects she has grown passionate of writing, directing and producing her own works. Her first project out of school, "Rose Coloured Glasses," placed second for Audience Choice at its first screening.

She loves to create ordinary stories and tell them in a fantastical way.

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