We know that you are doing lots of creative things at
the moment, so why not share that creativity and
submit your film to our ultra-short film competition -
60 Seconds in Lockdown.

Hopefully you will have access to basic filmmaking
equipment - through your phone, digital camera or
otherwise - so join our celebration of everyone’s
creativity with us and be in with a chance of seeing
your short film on the big screen.

The competition is open to first time and experienced film makers of all ages . There is no
lockdown on the subject matter, minimum (or maximum) budget and no set genre you must work to. There are just two simple rules –
Your film MUST have been created on or after March 23, 2020
Your film MUST be 60 seconds or under (including titles and credits)

All shortlisted films will receive:
• Film exposure and promotion through macrobertartscentre.org and social media channels
• 1 month Macrobert Golden Cinema Ticket*

WInners will receive:
• Film exposure and promotion through
macrobertartscentre.org and social media
• Their 60 seconds in Lockdown shown in
Macrobert on the big screen before a feature
length film
• 12 month Macrobert Golden Cinema Tickets*

• The deadline for entries is 1700hrs (BST) on Fri 19 June 2020
• Only films submitted online will be accepted.
• The duration of your film(s) must not exceed 60 seconds including titles and credits.
• 60 Seconds in Lockdown is open to short films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work. We do not accept advertisements, illegal or pornographic material.
• Only films completed since 23 March 2020 may be submitted. Whilst we do not have a premiere policy, we positively encourage entries made specifically for 60 Seconds in Lockdown.
• The maximum number of entries per individual is five.
• The primary contact completing the submission process must be authorised to submit the film(s) and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the films.
• If the original language is not English, please ensure that the film includes English subtitles.
• If your film(s) is /are shortlisted, you will may be asked to send in a higher resolution version*.
• Please note that only the director(s) will be credited on the website and any other promotional material. In the case of shortlisted and/or winning co-directors, multiple prizes may be granted at the discretion of the organisers.
• Winning film(s) will have to be certified to ensure they are appropriate for the viewing audience

*Shortlisted film requirements

• If your film(s) is/are shortlisted, you will may be asked to promptly send in a higher resolution version of your film for public screening, You will also need to supply a synopsis and a bio.
• The film file should be supplied at its original resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio, with no letterboxing or pillar boxing.
• Audio should be normalised.
• The film file type should be one that can be opened in VLC Player.
• All shortlisted films should also include one second of black before and after the film.
• Video DVDs are not accepted.