Northwest Screendance Exposition presents its first annual 60 Second Cellphone Screendance Challenge. Now on it’s third year in running, the Northwest Screendance Expo is committed to providing opportunities both locally and globally for the creation, education and enjoyment of dance made for film. In addition to our yearly screendance festival held each fall, NWSE has orchestrated its own outreach program with The Academy of Arts and Academics in Springfield, Oregon. We offer talks, demonstrations and workshops free to the public, and this year facilitated the Eugene premier of Eric Nordstrom’s documentary film Moving History: Portland Contemporary Dance Past and Present.

The NSWE 60 Second Cellphone Screendance Challenge is an entirely cellphone based festival with the goal of making dance for film accessible to artists across all mediums, both new and experienced with the art of screendance. We hope to share with you the versatility and possibilities that can be experienced with screendance as an art form in our current age of technology.

The winner will receive $100. Other prizes may be offered, depending on the generosity of our sponsors!

The top five will have their films screened at the 2017 NWSE, Oct. 13th & 14, 2017.

Each entrant warrants that they have either ownership, releases, clearances, licenses, or copyright permissions (collectively referred to as "permissions") for all material, media, locations and personnel associated with their film. The Northwest Screendance Exposition assumes no liability associated with the failure to obtain the above-listed permissions. In the event that a third-party dispute occurs due to the failure to obtain or the misuse of the above-listed permissions, the exhibitor(s) will hold the Northwest Screendance Exposition, it's officers, employees, interns, jurors, venues and other associated parties harmless for any legal fees, damages or other costs associated with said dispute.

Submissions will be made exclusively through FilmFreeway. All submissions must be filmed on a cellphone device. Films must be edited using applications exclusively on a cellphone. Exhibitors will provide either Vimeo, YouTube or website links to their work. If the work is password-protected, don't forget to provide the password!

The Northwest Screendance Exposition shall retain the license to use all or part of the accepted entries for marketing, promotional, or educational purposes deemed appropriate by the Exposition, without further compensation to the exhibitor(s). Accepted works may be added to the online archives of the Exposition.