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50 Hours

Lost in darkness after his wife’s death, Franco Alessi, finds
the beauty and color the world has to offer, in the brush
strokes of a painter canvas.

    Undertaking, Lean, Captain Fin, Man in the Woods, Resemblance.
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Writer Biography - KEVIN J ONEILL

Kevin James O'Neill
Director / Writer / Producer

Kevin has been directing short film projects for eight years. Those projects include “Clark”, “Captain Fin”, “Lean”, “Undertaking”, “Swipe”, “Perception” and “Man in the Woods”. He has also directed five music videos “Everything”, “Forgive you Much”, “Heart on my Sleeve,” “Hell in the Hallway” and “Idol’s Die”. Kevin just finished production for his recent film starring Jordan Woods-Robinson titled “Resemblance.”

Kevin’s films have won many Grand Jury awards in film festivals and have traveled the festival circuit including The Florida Film Festival, The Sonoma International Film Festival, The Orlando Film festival, The GIFF film festival, The Fort Lauderdale Film festival, The Fort Myers Film Festival, The Atlanta Film Festival, The Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, The Charleston Black Film Festival, The Love Your Shorts Film Festival and The West Palm Beach Film festival.

Kevin worked as an actor in Los Angeles for ten years where he worked on over one hundred commercials and print jobs. He has been teaching acting for the last twenty-five-years and is currently a Course Director at Full Sail University where he teaches Directing to film students.

Kevin has five feature scripts written that he plans to direct in the near future. The scripts are “Trestles” a true coming of age story about Kevin at age fourteen in southern California, “Flamingo Kids” where Grumpy Old Men meets Dodge Ball, “50 Hours” a feature script that was the inspiration for the novel by Loree Lough, “Thundersmack” a wild comedy about a man who escapes from a mental institution and takes over a film production as the director and “Pathfinder” a Christian film about a man living in the shadows of a grocery store who finds the true meaning to life.

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Writer Statement

I originally wrote 50 Hours as a way to process the loss of my mother back in 2005 and it was a good way to deal with the reality of losing her to a brain tumor. Through the years I have held several table readings of the script to build and refine the story. I have several LA actors interested in playing the lead roles. The story is written for Georgia which is good because of the incentives.