The 4th International Motion Festival (IMF) is announced and is organized by the Department of Arts of the European University Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus, and will take place in May 2017. It is the first of its kind both in Cyprus and the broader Mediterranean and Middle East region. It aims to bring together film-makers, video artists, computer animators, graphic designers and their audience and to familiarize the public with what has traditionally remained as the “invisible art”: motion graphics.

Even though motion graphics has been around for decades as a discipline, it is only recently that it has taken leaps forward and been acknowledged as another art form. The IMF aims to open a forum for the presentation of the most contemporary and most creative work in the field of motion graphics and thus to be established as a pioneering event for the future, that will promote innovative and cutting-edge work.

The IMF, now is through its 3rd edition, has been established as a platform for showcasing innovative motion art videos, spanning from motion graphics, to 2D and 3D animation, video art, and shorts in the wider Mediterranean region.

As each year we are interested in showcasing innovative and groundbreaking approaches in the field of motion art and video, experimental techniques and creative takes on matters of society, culture, relationships, politics and the economy, science, imagination and art. This year we are particularly interested in environmental and sustainable energy related videos.

The IMF welcomes productions from all over the world and at the same time strongly encourages the participation of Cypriot production.

Prizes will be awarded to the best entry in each of the 4 competition categories:

Go with the Flow, (Motion Graphics, Music Videos, Commercials, Opening Titles, 3D Mapping, virtual museums and archives, Computer Generated Imagery, Broadcast Design)

Animatropics & Animesh, (2D & 3D Animation, manual or computer aided, ranging from hand drawn, sand and glass animation, digital, retro, etc)

Short & Sweet, (New and awarded short films, ranging from drama, comedy, social commentary and experimental film)

The Single Channel Show (Video Art presented with single channel works. Experiments pushing the limits of the moving image)

Submission of works Deadline – Friday, 30 September 2016
IMF 2017 Festival Dates – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 11 – 14 May 2017 (inclusive)

Prizes will be awarded to the best entry in each of the 4 competition categories:
Go with the Flow
Animatropics & Animesh
Short & Sweet
The Single Challenge Show

There is a small administrative fee of €15 per work submitted.
Students pay €10 per work submitted.
Special fees apply to companies and academic institutions.
Please contact us at for more information.

To be considered for competition/ selection, your entry must arrive in a format that can be viewed by the pre-selectors and the jury members. Please provide a video file that has been tested.
Acceptable file formats are:
Video Format – PAL / All regions formats are strongly recommended for submissions to ensure the highest chance of being playable.
We are unable to accept ANY tape based formats for the entry process or as screening versions
There are no limits to how many works can be entered but each work needs:
a separate entry form filled in
the appropriate administration fee paid as explained on point 4
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Video capture of video games or T.V. Adverts cannot be submitted.

The IMF Committee is not obligated to screen all the videos submitted.

The IMF Cyprus has no responsibility in case of damage during the transportation and / or installation of the works.

To be eligible for participation, the work must have been produced AFTER January 2015.

The artists, whose work will be selected, will be notified via e-mail by the production team of IMF Cyprus.

The IMF production team can cancel the IMF 2017 Festival at any time, provided that the circumstances render its realisation unfeasible.

The IMF 2017 Festival will be documented / filmed. Parts or all of it (the festival) may be shown / screened / presented at other international festivals. Public and artists whose work is included in the IMF 2017 agree to this unconditionally.

With the submission of an entry form, participants unconditionally accept these terms and agree to the use of excerpts (up to 60 secs) by the organisers for publicity and archive purposes.

When you enter your work to IMF 2017, it is automatically considered part of the IMF 2017 Festival and may be included if and when the IMF 2017 is presented or participates in other international festivals.

The IMF endeavours to compile a database with contact information of all IMF participants, past and present (and updated with every IMF edition) to be offered complimentary to all IMF participants with the simple use of a password to be provided at a later time.

Overall Rating
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    Danielle Rabinovitz

    Great small festival, Very hospitable.
    I attended the opening cermony, that was very surprising and well organized. Their was a live performance from a dancer, a flute player, and the team itself made a brodway sing a long - super entertaining!
    I went to see my movie that was projected in one of the classrooms in the university. The other movies I saw were really great and intresting films with big variety, so I was proud to be one of the films that participated in the festival.
    Overall, it was a really fun experience, and if you are intrested in going to a small community festival - this one was definitely awesome!

    June 2017
  • It's always a great pleasure when our clients screen at this festival - a great line-up and strong communication.

    May 2017