The 4K Fashion Film Festival will showcase the best fashion films in the world, displayed in the highest visual quality. Fashion is, overall, a visual experience. Fashion films provide an expanded canvas for artists to further express the feel and concept of fashion.

The first 4KFFF will take place in Los Angeles, March 2019 during Fashion Week. L.A. is the ideal place to bring fashion and film together. It is perhaps best known for Hollywood, the heart of the film industry and home to major celebrities and trendsetters. From its red carpets to Rodeo Drive, the world watches. L.A. is also a major hub for the fashion industry – and its presence and impact in the global fashion scene is continually growing.

Why 4K?
4K is the best way to experience fashion films. Advances in display and camera technologies allow the audience to see the best version of the filmmaker’s vision. The higher resolution (four times that of 1080p) allows for much greater detail; and newer 4KTV’s can deliver more colors (over a billion, up to 64 times that of traditional television) for greater range and subtler shades – in addition to expanded dynamic range (HDR) for a more vivid look. Together, 4K and Fashion are a perfect match!

Festival events will include:
● Screenings, both in theater and on 4KTV’s
● Workshops, panels and product demos, including topics of
Filmmaking technology, products and techniques
Fashion, Styling, Beauty, Makeup FX by sponsoring brands and experts
Fashion Film shoot in L.A.
● Networking parties with red carpet and interviews for social media and press, plus fashion film screenings on 4KTV’s
● Awards Ceremony as part of Los Angeles Fashion Week
Live streamed around the world in (up to) 4K
With red carpet and full press coverage
Celebrity guests
● Live and ongoing social media coverage and promotion

Films submitted to the Festival will also have the opportunity for inclusion on the 4K Fashion website and streaming channel – plus possible selection for its digital magazine – launching October, 2018 during Los Angeles Fashion Week (must include a professional photo layout for magazine inclusion)

Special promotion for films shot, graded and delivered in HDR

For filmmakers visiting Los Angeles for the Festival, we’ll have some special activities to get the most of your experience here!

Awards in the following categories:

Best Overall Film
Commercial Work / Brand Film
Artistic / Editorial / Experimental
Music Video

Actor / Actress
Art Direction
Set Design
Hair styling
Special Effects (practical)
Visual Effects (digital)
Sound design
Color correction
Use of HDR

Prizes will include sponsor products - technology and fashion..
.. with more to come!

Theme -- Films submitted to the 4KFFF must meet any of the following criteria:
● Have a central fashion or related theme
● Strong fashion visual elements
● Commissioned by a fashion brand
● Music Videos with strong fashion elements
● Documentaries directly related to the fashion industry

Rights --
You must own or have permission or rights to copyright of submitted material
You must have access to releases for the talent and music used in the film

4K Production and Post --
The 4KFFF is focused on helping filmmakers maximize use of higher end technology to create and deliver a more compelling visual experience.

To be accepted into the Festival, ALL films must have been shot in at least 4K (UHD – 3840×2160) resolution – and must be delivered in 4K UHD. Films may be wider in aspect ratio than UHD’s 16:9, in which case the film will be letterboxed for display on 4KTV’s.

If you have a film that was shot in 4K (or higher) but was edited in HD (or lower) – it must be conformed from the original source files for final output, for true 4K quality. (Upscaling from HD, even though it was shot in 4K, is not acceptable.)

If you need help with conforming or other post production, we can likely help – just contact us.

The guideline for maximum duration for most fashion films is 5 minutes; documentaries can be up to 30 minutes. If you have a film goes much beyond this, you may request special dispensation.

Delivery --
Your initial submission should be encoded to h.264, minimum 50Mbps at 3840×2160.
Once accepted into the Festival, we may require a different encode or a mezzanine file.

Upon completion of your submission form, you will be sent a link to upload your film; we can alternatively give you an address to mail physical media.