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(IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to submit with an already existing film.)

48h of Hygge is an indie film festival project, and has existed since 2017. The project is danish but has strong roots in Germany. It involves engaging children, young people and adults in filmmaking, and thus given a theme and three elements underwhich the participating teams make their movie within 48 hours. At the festival screenings the Jury Award and the Audience Award will be announced.
The festival is divided into two major parts: The Shooting Weekend and The Festival Screenings.
Shooting Weekend 2019: 27th - 29th of September.
Festival Screenings 2019: 19th of Octboer.

Hygge has, in short time, become an international trend, known for enjoying the moment without stress, but at 48h of Hygge you will not experience hygge in these 48 intensive hours, but it is a challenge to tell a story using just a camera. Everyone can participate, it is Danish fun with international vibes, commercial free and then there is free participation and prizes for the best movies! If we were to choose three words that describe us, it would be cool, indie and a little trashy.

48h of Hygge was celebrating its first round in October 2018 where all interested souls, directors, cameramen, web video makers and cineasts were invited to the wonderful harbour city Aalborg in Denmark to celebrate the films! We had 20 participating teams and from these, 10 films made it to the festival screenings.

A theme, three elements, your movie in 48 hours. A challenge to tell a story within 48 hours using a camera. Everyone can join, it's Danish cosiness with international vibes, commercial free and also free participation and on top of that: Prizes!
We strive to support all teams' travel costs to the fesival screenings and accommodation and food will be free of charge.

Where can you find us?

JURY AWARD: Chosen by a jury consisting of 5 professionals and film makers from Denmark and Germany.
AUDIENCE AWARD: Chosen by the audience at the screenings.

Within the framework of the 48h of Hygge film competition, photos, videos and project documentation will be created and uploaded online. By accepting and thereby signing, I as contact person and on behalf of the rest of the team confirm that the film festival may use video and still images of the above mentioned project on which I as well as any other team members may be recognized for the purposes mentioned above. This also applies to the submitted film. Names may be mentioned in public. The team holds the ownership of their film, and in cases where other's material is used in the production (music etc.), it is the film makers own responsibility to state the rights clearly in the film.

The contact person and all other team members in the team and 48h Of Hygge agree that 48h Of Hygge will transfer the amounted award money to the contact person of the team as stated in the prize money agreement. After the transfer is made, 48h Of Hygge has no responsibility of the transferred prize money in regards to all aspects, among others usage of the money and distribution internally in the team. It is the team’s own decision how the money will be distributed and used, and 48h Of hygge is free from all responsibility.

Will be given to you at Kick-Off before the shooting weekend starts. Please see link...)