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The Art of War - The Scarecrow Army

It’s about a small rag tag team of misfits, Artists and Craftsmen fighting to build something big and unexpected, it’s about art, imagination and family, but most of all its about finding your way

“All War is Deception.” - Sun Tzu.
When Nash’s older brother gets trapped behind enemy lines during WWII with secret battle plans, it’s up to Nash and his group of fellow oddball artists to deceive the Germans, save his brother and win at The Art of War! . . . But can Nash get the fantasies and images from his head onto the landscape?

Story based on actual military events -“Kelly’s Hero’s” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

"But clear in my mind is the memory that at the height of World War II, in the midst of battle and chaos, a handful of artists, actors, designers and engineers didn’t fire on the enemy or capture the beach . . . but saved the lives of their fellow soldiers by deceiving the enemy and winning, . . . at the Art of War.”

  • Dan Casey
  • Steve Wedel
  • Tim Hull
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Writer Biography - Dan Casey, Steve Wedel, Tim Hull


An accomplished digital artist with 20+ years of experience in the TV and motion-picture industries, DAN CASEY’s most recently projects include Design, and R and D for Laika Entertainment's The Boxtrolls, ParaNormoan and Kubo, Dan also supervised the Digital Design Group on Coraline. Dan was the Director of Digital Production for LAIKA’s entertainment division in 2004. first joineing the studio in 2000, as Director of Digital Production for commercial projects. In this position, he revamped the studio’s digital systems and managed CG production on numerous high-profile ad campaigns. In 2003, Dan became Visual Effects Supervisor for the CG department, overseeing the creation of prize-winning CG special effects and their seamless integration with animated commercials and short films.


Tim is an accomplished writer of over 20 years. As one of rALLYbOARDeNT's founding members Tim is known for his comedy sketches and narrative pieces. He’s currently completing his first book and hopes it will be in publication sometime in 2016. When he isn’t writing screenplays, Tim is an elementary school teacher. Tim is well known for taking regular life events and turning them into pure funny and richly dramatic, screenplays. In 2012, Tim joined Dan and Steve at rALLYbOARDeNT.

“It‘s one of the most natural synergies I’ve experienced as a professional writer. Together, we‘re relaxed, helpful, creative, and really pull each other into some great stories and experiences. We all give and take in just the right way. I think the best stuff I’ve done is with these guys.”.


"Mr. Wedel first learned to write when he was about 5 or so. Since that day he has written almost every day, be it a legal brief, a grocery list, doodles in the margins off his legal briefs and, recently, scripts and a novel. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in genetics and worked as a scientist for approximately 13 years until one day he went a little funny in the head and enrolled in law school. Since 2001 he has been a practicing lawyer (one of these days he will get it right), and currently works as a juvenile dependency attorney (which he loves, despite the many sad cases it involves). Mr. Wedel currently lives in La Mesa, Ca, with his beautiful wife, Scout, his spunky (and punky) daughter, Lany, and his pack: dogs Milton and Rex, and cats Boo, Larry Zappa, and The Woody Show. Beside his work with rALLY bOARD, he is also working on finishing his first novel, "The Boy Spook."

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Writer Statement

Several years ago I received a call from my best friend, Mr. Casey, to write a script based on the "Velveteen Rabbit." Completing that script was a major milestone (I’ve harbored thoughts of being a writer since I first learned to read). That wonderful collaboration with Mr. Casey and the addition of the always comedic (some might say crazy) Mr. Hull, lead to the formation of rALLY bOARD eNT.

(Side note: Mr. Casey and I had dreamed of writing a movie together practically from the time we first met in junior high school, quickly realizing we could pretty much finish each other's sentences, and were brothers from different mothers. So, you know, double bonus.)

Steve Wedel