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Anastassis, was born and raised in Greece. His name literary means "Ascension" and from an early age, melodies would ring in his head. Anastassis would hymn his self-composed melodies to anyone willing to listen and soon enough, he had assembled an expecting audience at his very turn.

Anastassis' first major musical endeavour occurred at the age of twelve when he participated in a school band performing traditional Greek music on guitar. Much to the surprise of those in attendance, Anastassis would ad lib at shows interjecting his own melodies much to the delight of the audience but at the expense of his musical teacher's anguish. An innocent smile with the backdrop of warm applause had saved him on many occasions.

Although he had experimented with a host of stringed instruments even trying the clarinet at some point, it wasn't until Anastassis sat behind the black and white keys of a worn out and forgotten piano did he realise his calling in life. Initially self taught and later trained in classical music, Anastassis' once childhood melodies transformed into masterful compositions of color and grandeur. Soon, an entire nation would come to learn and love the transformation of his hymns.

During his restless and at times rebellious teenage years, Anastassis explored new sounds and instruments to satisfy his desire for something new. Adding to his strong Greek musical foundations, his repertoire vastly expanded with influences in sound and composition from all corners of the world. "I am a globalist" he once said in an interview, "a musical internationalist who strongly believes that music unites and uplifts the spirits of all people." From rock to shona mbira and from oriental to middle east influences, sprinkled with heavy a dose of Latin and jazz, Anastassis has become the ultimate 'fusionist' of world music.

Genesis, the name of Anastassis' first solo album release, is a reflection of his travels and emotions that date back to his childhood hymns.

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