Al Marmoum Camel Racing

Every year there is an annual event which take place at a city full with skyscrapers, Its Dubai, just a few people around the world have an idea about the culture and traditions of this city, it worth spending your time at such cultural events while being in Dubai in addition to the modern city itself.

Millions are spent on this race every year, the single camel cost millions as well, its an expensive sport for the rich people in the gulf. There are other similar events, but 'Al Marmoum' Race is like the world cup of these events where people from other gulf countries participate as well. The event consist of multiple races with different categories, each winner of these categories will grab at least a brand new car as a reward.

I was thinking about getting an interested shot using a drone, so I started planning by visiting the place multiple times couple of days prior to the beginning of the event, I studied the best location and the best time of the day to get the perfect shadow of these camels, to have a story with the shadows rather than the camels themselves. the planning and the experience in drone photography is very important in such kind of events, because one single mistake can cause interruption to the race and will cost a lot

The event take place in UAE / Dubai / Al Marmoum Racetrack

  • Shoayb Khattab
  • Genres:
  • Country of Origin:
    United Arab Emirates
  • Camera:
    Canon EOS M
  • Lens:
    Canon 22mm f/2 STM
  • Focal Length:
  • Shutter Speed:
  • Aperture:
  • ISO / Film:
  • Student Project:
  • Better Photography Magazine Photograph of the Year
    1st Prize - Incredible Sport Category
Artist Biography

Shoayb Hesham Khattab is a young Iraqi Photographer living in the UAE where he started his journey through the world of Photography and developed his skills in it’s different types. He was attracted to the different kinds of Art from his childhood and especially in Drawing, which got him many Prizes at that time.
His gateway into the World of Photography was via his Degree in Architecture at Ajman University. He then progressed from Architectural Photography to various types of Digital Work, since that time he realized the relationship between him and his camera. He is interested in most types of Photography but he spend most of his time in his favorite type which is the Aerial Photography as it gives a unique Perspective to see things around, and to discover new angles which give a totally new vision to see the world as never seen before.

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