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The protagonists in this report are a group of students and former students of a Special Education School. A DAY AT CRUZ DE MAYO SCHOOL invite us to follow the adventures of these gang buddies in and out of school: their difficulties, their challenges, their achievements, their relationships. And it leads us to know the creative and different teaching methods based on the artistic experience and the contact with real everyday matters.

  • Marta Ferreras Viruete
  • Marta Ferreras Viruete
  • Marta Ferreras Viruete
  • Marta Ferreras Viruete
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    1 hour 9 minutes 32 seconds
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    September 20, 2015
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  • Depht of Field Festival 2016
    United Estates Online International Competition
    December 6, 2015
    Merit Inspirational Feature, Kudos Documentary Feature; Zero Budget
  • Flixxfest Film Festival 2015
    Pennsylvania, online international competition
    Nominated for Best Documentary Feature
  • International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture 2016
    June 6, 2016
    Russian Center of Jakarta
    International Award of Excellence
  • Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo 2016
  • Swedish International Film Festival 2016
    July 4, 2016
    Best Documentary Film Semi-Finalist
  • Brasov Film Festival 2016

    September 1, 2016
Director Biography - Marta Ferreras Viruete

Marta Ferreras is a graduate in Fine Arts. She's also a painter and filmmaker. In 2009, she got an art workshop for disabled kids and young adults started in order to help them grow and improve their abilities and make society know the real values of these people. She has made eight art exhibitions, two animated short films (UN PAVITO MUY CHULITO and NIGHT LANSCAPE) and a documentary (A DAY AT "CRUZ DE MAYO" SCHOOL") with this team so far. The team is now working in a new project.
Marta's films have been selected for several international film festivals and have already won eight awards:
Mención de Honor III Festival Internacional Pilas en Corto (2012), Mención de Honor III Festival Internacional Valle de Bravo en Corto (2012), Mejor Película V Festival Internacional de Cine y Discapacidad de Collado Villalba (2013), Mención de Honor IV Festival internacional Valle de Bravo en Corto (2013), Audience Award The Monthly Film Festival December 2015, Nominated for Best Documentary Feature Flixxfest Film Festival 2015, Best Director Anim8fest 2016, Merit Inspirational Feature Depth of Field International Film Festival 2016.

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Director Statement

I am a professional painter and filmmaker but, above everything else, I am a mother. One of the children who appears in the film is my child.
When we are expecting a child, the main concern that all women have is that he or she may be healthy. Sometimes our desire is not fulfilled.
When I knew that Gabriel had been born with a serious disability, I thought that I just could not stay home feeling sorry for myself. My first duty as a mother was to make my child happy. I knew that I had to be happy in order to make him happy.
This is my general attitude towards life and is also the spirit of my documentary.
It is true that some consider disability as a tragedy and that it can indeed cause great suffering, frustration, uncertainty and other negative and painful feelings, besides endless difficulties in our everyday life. And yet, sometimes it is also possible to accept reality and live to the fullest, focusing on the positive aspects of life. Many people who live with a disability, be it their own or that of a loved one, prefer to fight for social justice rather than inspire pity.
My documentary invites the viewer to enter the small world in which many children with various types of disabilities live daily. Cruz de Mayo is a state school which does not have many resources, but counts with committed professionals who, through love, imagination and good will, have turned the school into a true home, where children are happy to go. Traditional subjects like history of mathematics are less important that other cultural aspects such as art, crafts, agriculture and the everyday practical tasks which may be simple but are equally important.
This documentary is not didactic; it does not give the viewer a great deal of explanations or offers a dramatic vision of what is like to live with a disability. It simply invites viewers to enter that small world and observe, in an objective and direct way, what the main characters do and how they live their lives, and then draw their own conclusions.
The children and teenagers who I’m inviting you to meet are my friends. I have spent wonderful moments among them, in feasts, parties, trips, walks, etc. Every week we have a workshop which I designed especially for them seven years ago.
When I look at them, I do not see a group of children with a disability. I see Eva, Juan, Lorena, Jaime, Gabriel, Andrés, María, David. They are simply children, each of them with their own personality. They can be happy, serious, obedient, rebellious, hard-working, lazy, calmed, naughty… Those who do not know them, tend to see the disability first and then see the person. Once you know them closely, the disability goes on to the background.
This is the main idea that I have wished to express and share in my film.