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Magic Man

This futuristic musical in two acts depicts life in the year 2099 in a town called Grand Beach, Colorado. It uses a split stage for the flashbacks to the 19990s. An engaged couple enters college and the guy meets another girl that he feels a very strong attraction for. It turns out that they were together in a previous life, but realize that they are not meant to be together in this life. The guy returns to his girlfriend and all is well. The show ends with their wedding in a fruit and vegetable barn followed by a large reception with everyone having fun. The book, lyrics and music are all by Norma Hickox.

  • Norma Hickox
    Boomtown U.S.A. - Musical stage play
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    Stage Play, Other
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    United States
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  • Grand Junction, Colorado Centennial Celebration
    Grand Junction, Colorado
    December 8, 2015
    First Place
Writer Biography - Norma Hickox

Norma Hickox is a professional musician. She plays and teaches six instruments and composes music. She have been an organist and choir director for many different spiritual denominations and has also taught vocal music in private elementary and pre-schools. In the past she played in the pit orchestra for a musical theater group and also in a dance band, eventually having her own dance band.
She has played for many different occasions including some TV appearances. She played the wedding rehearsal dinner music attended by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for their son Dusty, and has played for movie and TV personalities and the governor of Colorado and finally, the ultimate, she played for the President of the United States. This was President Ford and the occasion was a Christmas Eve church service in Vail, Colorado.
She lives in Simi Valley, California with her son Neil and his family; wife Claudia, daughter Fiorella and son Leland. Neil is a computer scientist and an amateur photographer and has helped her very much with her books.
Along with music, her career has also included involvement with the arts of painting, writing, dance and theater that led to her writing two full length musicals, including “Boomtown U.S.A., which won the Wednesday Musical Club’s composition contest for Grand Junction’s Centennial. It subsequently had two performances at the Centennial Celebration in Lincoln Park in 1982. The second musical “Magic Man,” which takes place in the year 1999 and deals with reincarnation, has never been performed.
When she began composing, the music and lyrics would flow into her head in complete form. A year later she began to receive information from a spiritual source that flowed in the same way as the music. This material is the Chrysalis Teachings and is based on the Science of Music, which is the fundamental vibrational order and creative nature of the universe. The vibrations of music affecting her body since she was four years old are what allowed this opening to take place.
She has published 8 of a series of 12 books of the Chrysalis Teachings and is working on putting the material into video form. She has also made four music CDs of her compositions as duo piano, and a couple of music videos.

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Writer Statement

With the use of flashbacks this play points out the difference in the way we react to situations now and the way people will react to them in the future after everyone learns to reach the voice of the spirit within themselves, the voice of the God Within, or their inner being, if you will. It is within each and every one, let there be no mistake about it. As to whether it is reached or not depends on many, many things.