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'Me, You & Mish'

A wild night at their rental home results in Susie, Frank and Mish being evicted- and this isn't the only ending.
Susie slams the door shut on Mish and Frank and opens her own door to a fresh, new, start.

  • Rob Lobosco
    Fate-It is what it is!, FATE TO LOVE, LOVE- It's all around!
  • Rob Lobosco
    Fate-It is what it is!, FATE TO LOVE, LOVE- It's all around!
  • Rob Lobosco
    Fate-It is what it is!, FATE TO LOVE, LOVE- It's all around!
  • Rob Lobosco
    Key Cast
    Neighbors, Love and Fury, Fate-It is what it is!, FATE TO LOVE, LOVE- It's all around!
  • Ana Della Rocca
    Key Cast
    Bad Mirror, No wed for the wicked
  • Jacinta Santilli
    Key Cast
    Love and Fury
  • Shaun Huy
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    7 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 11, 2015
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital (Sony)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - -
Director Biography - Rob Lobosco

Rob Lobosco is Melbourne based, with a Career spanning 30 years as a theatre, TV, Film actor - as well as a writer and filmmaker.
He also completed a Bachelor of Health Science - Traditional Chinese Medicine/Professional writing degree at Victoria University- Melbourne, practicing as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and founded Yera health retreat.

In 2007 Rob Lobosco was granted Screen Australia Development funding to write his 4 education plays into a TV series, titled ‘The Valley,’ - alongside renowned Producer Alan Hardy.

In 2011 Rob sought funding from private investors and funded/produced his first feature film ‘Groomless Bride.’ He also played one of the main roles - Adam.

In 2011 Rob was invited to judge for The 48 Hour Film Project Competition in Melbourne.

Rob wrote, produced, directed and plays identical twins, Tony and Lewis, in the film, ‘FATE – It is what it is!’
This film was an Officially Selected film at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival, 2014 World Film Awards (Jakarta) and 2015 Mykonos Biennale Film Festival.
Award of Recognition: Film Short - Rob Lobosco (Australia) - FATE - It is what it is!
Award of Merit: Actor: Leading (Rob Lobosco as Tony and Lewis) FATE - It is what it is!
The second and third part of this trilogy, ‘LOVE- Its all Around!’ & ‘DISCONNECTED – Stay connected!’ and the feature 'FATE TO LOVE' are currently doing the world film festival circuit.
The feature film, ‘FATE TO LOVE,’ was acquired by International sales agent and is currently streaming on The Monarch Channel.

Rob wrote Kate Banks (renowned children’s author) book ‘Dillon Dillon,’ into a feature film and presented her with the screenplay in NYC during the 2013 NYC Independent Film Festival.

In August 2014, his two Romantic Comedy Thrillers, “No wed for the Wicked,” and “Bad Mirror,” were made and premiered at many short film festivals in Melbourne including the popular ‘Westside Shorts film festival,’ and ‘Altona Beach Film Awards.’ Rob plays the characters of Tony and Antoinette.

Rob also completed writing the Spiritual feature film, 'Eternal Heart,' inspired by a true story about his mother who died tragically when he was 10 years old. This was specially written and submitted to the '2014 Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays,’ and won, Best screenplay.
This screenplay is currently doing the film festival circuit.
He will play himself in this biographical inspirational drama.

Rob wrote, produced and directed his short film, 'Me, You & Mish,’ playing the role of Frank.
He also developed this to a 6 part sit-com for Australian Network TV.

In 2016, Rob was invited to be a judge at the 2017 NYC Independent film festival, where his film 'FATE- It is what it is!' premiered. He now also judges the sister festival to this, NYC to Paris Film festival.

He also wrote, produced and plays the lead role of Tobias in the TV/webseries, NEXT... which aired on APPLE TV-WE-Are TV on 11th January 2017 until 2018.
It also aired on FOXTEL on 27th and 28th March 2017.
NEXT...won best webseries at the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela and was a nominee in the 2017 AFI/AACTA Awards.
In March/April 2017 Rob filmed series 2, 'NEXT...Ride the wave!'
NEXT…series 1 & 2, is now streaming on, The Monarch Channel.

He completed his biographical, drama, feature film, ‘DAD,’ playing the lead role of dad, Wil Sutherland. This premiered in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as part of the 2018 AFI AACTA Awards.

This title is now streaming on The Monarch Channel.

Rob won an award for this film at the International Independent Film Awards in USA in March 2020.

In April 2021, Feature film DAD was officially selected at the Moscow International Film Festival. Rob was nominated and won ‘Artist of the year 2021,’ for his portrayal of dad, Wil Sutherland, in this feature film at this festival.

In April, May, June 2021, DAD, was officially selected and in competition, selected as a finalist and won over 30 awards in the mentioned categories at the following festivals -
-4th Dimension film festival-Ubud,
-Beyond the curve international film festival-Paris,
-Madras Independent film festival,
*Winner- Honorable Mention
-Accord Cine Fest - Mumbai,
*Winner - Best Actor - Rob Lobosco
*Winner - Best Young Actress - Lani Hirst
-Rome International Movie Awards, Winner in 4 categories-
*Best Actor - Rob Lobosco
*Best Young Actress - Lani Hirst
*Best Acting Duo
*Best Fantasy Film
-Hollywood Blood Horror Festival-L.A.
*Winner- Best Feature Film
-Cooper Awards -
-Super Indie film festival - L.A.
*Best Inspirational feature film
*Best actor Award - Rob Lobosco
*Best actress Award- Lani Hirst
-Hong Kong Indie Film Awards
*Best Actor in a feature film
-The Independent Awards-London.
*The Best Duo - Rob Lobosco/ Lani Hirst
-Hollywood Indie Film Awards- L.A.
*Best Inspirational Feature Film

Rob’s 2 mantra’s that he lives by are -
‘Don’t wait - Create!’
‘Believe and you will Receive!’

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Director Statement

This project follows on from my mantra- "Don't wait- create!"

And I'm so glad I chose to make the short of this script idea that I have had for some time now.

We had a month to make something for the Peninsula Short Film Festival and I was determined to do it.

I brought together my strong team to create something special- and we made it happen!

These three characters, Susie, Frank and Mish in 'Me, you & Mish,' were created from real life friends of mine.
I wrote this short from the treatment document of my feature film version.
It was great to workshop this short film script in our rehearsal and work on the characters.

Susie the strict Italian who worked at the family fruit shop.
Mish, the calculating, manipulative lawyer who rules the roost, is head of the house hold and demands control in every aspect of her life.
Frank, the courier driver, who is easily lead - or mislead.

Why are they all living together?
Frank is engaged to Susie and he may as well be engaged to her strict Italian family. Mish has grown up with Frank, in the same neighbourhood.
Frank knows that he has to marry Susie but he so does not want to, perhaps from his guilt of being more emotionally invested in Mish. After all she is the one that has spent more time with him at home. A wild night at their rental has them evicted and Frank knows that now is the time to end it with Susie.
But Susie is the wiser and slams the door shut on Mish and Frank. She realises they are meant to be together as she opens her own door to a new, fresh start- Frank is not what she needs!

The characters needed to come together and live together to realise their strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps Mish and Frank won't stay together and Frank clearly sees her tactful manipulative ways. Or perhaps he opts to be dominated and controlled by her- something Susie could not give him.

The short displays these characters psychology and traits, strengths and weaknesses, mistakes/flaws and corrections. It's this end to the lease that brings a lot more necessary endings - and a new, fresh start for all.