The Miracle of Nuatilus

THE MIRACLE OF NAUTILUS is a story about a Nazi scientist Erich is commissioned to research a mystic weapon for saving the Third Reich. Nazi plans to transfer these scientists to a secret research base. However, after German is defeated in Poland, he is seized in Prisoner Camp controlled by Soviet Force. The American Intelligence Department has an action coded as “Clip Operation” aiming at transfer these Nazi Scientists and their research achievements to U.S.A. Davy, an American agent, is sent to save Erich and goes with him into the Nazi Research Base. Then they jointly start a journey to uncover the Miracle of Nautilus since it is a key for successful research of the mystic weapon although they have different missions.

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Writer Biography

I had a dream to become a famous writer when I was just a very young girl. When I grew up to a young lady, I tried to write articles for publication. I was excited to receive a comment from an editor who affirmed my writing although it was not published. I recognized it would take a time to get my dream into reality. Since the young girl dream was planted in my mind, about 40 years, it seems it was just a dream in my busy professional career, working as engineer, translator, etc. Last year, the young girl dream knocked my sweet sleeping again. I was driven by the dream to start the Story of The Miracle of Nautilus. That is the Miracle being explored by the protagonist, that also is explored by me, and I trust all people in the world are the same, that in their hearts, there is a Miracle to be uncovered for life.

Nice dream should be shared with people by a story style. I really have a deep gratitude to Robert Mckee although I only have a chance to know him by his book, but I wonder he is a miracle too how talent he is to write clear principle to create screenplay. It is hard to image without his book how I can create my first screenplay. I wonder the world is such a miracle, following the science principle, people can create machine, computer; following the screenplay creating principle by Robert Mckee, people also can create screenplay. So I come here to share my screenplay, also my writing feeling.

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Writer Statement

The Miracle of Nautilus is an original screenplay. The genre of screenplay is drama involving scientific fiction, spying and affectional story.