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My Dance With The Zodiac Killer

This is a dialogue/history of my meetings with a friend who turned out to be the Zodiac killer. He told me his life story and I wrote it down. I have 100 videos on YouTube about him. My videos and the screenplay need to be rolled into one.

  • David W Coutcher
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I am a Chiropractor and I own a health club in south Texas. I was born in Tampa, Florida 01/21/1953.

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When I was a teenager I traveled to Mexico City to study Spanish. There I met Frank Lee Morris and the Anglin brothers. It turns out that Frank was America's most notorious serial killer "The Zodiac Killer" and he was also America's most infamous hijacker, D B Cooper. One year ago I sat down and started writing down every conversation that I could remember having had with him. I knew him over a period of about 20 years. He told me his life story and admitted to many murders. He even told me where to find the grave of a missing person that he killed. I took his clues and went and found that grave. Yes, I have tried to involve law enforcement in this. They are not interested. I have about 50 videos on YouTube about this killer and everything that he told me. Those videos can be viewed by typing in "David Gold Zodiac Killer." I was once a professional wrestler and "David Gold" was my wrestling name.
This is a blockbuster true story that needs to be told in a movie.
I am not a writer or a film maker. I'm just trying to get the truth out there about this killer. My videos and my "book" need to be rolled into one. And every week or two, I remember more and more things about this killer.