Back to the Garden

Back to Garden

Trying to find my way Back to the garden
Where promises are true
And loving you is so right
Restore my loving


My day will be so true
And in my night I will delight
My skies will be so blue
And my heart will be just right.

Making my way into your heart
Your love reminding
Hold me close before I die
I won't let go or fight it.

When promises are true
Loving you is so binding
Our love will open the doors to endless
Forever uniting.

  • michaela
  • michaela
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    Folk, blues
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    2 minutes 27 seconds
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Artist Biography

Michaela is a writer singer-songwriter, music publisher-music supervisor.She has published new age material, and two cds. Michaela has hosted her own radio show Music and Transcendence Radio show on various networks including fm radio in Eastern Townships. Michaela is also a holistic coach. Been published in many magazines including the holistic print journals Light Bridges Magazine, and Recovering the Self, a journal of hope and Healing.

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