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RunRainbow (script)

RunRainbow tells the story of Tim Cassidy, a struggling documentary filmmaker who is investigating poverty in Chicago when he stumbles upon what he believes is a massive real estate fraud in the community. Obsessed with putting together the story, he begins to find clues everywhere, including in his own subconscious mind.

  • David A. Holcombe
    City of Lust, Graffito, House of Gods
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Writer Biography - David A. Holcombe

A writer, director, editor, producer, and actor, David is the founding member of Soft Cage Films, NFP ( as well as a company member of the prestigious Trap Door Theatre. He works as videographer for Trap Door and several other local theater companies and produces experimental video installations, short films, music videos, and other media. His previous films include Yellow (aka City of Lust) distributed by Maxim Media International, Death of a Cybersalesman, winner of Best Actor and nominee for Best Cinematography at the 2013 Short Bus to Insanity Film Festival, and Graffito, official selection of the 2014 Oracle Theatre Aperture Series Filmmaker Showcase, the 2015 International Film Awards Berlin where it won an honorable mention, and the 2015 TOFF festival where it won Best Feature Film. He also worked as cinematographer and editor for a feature length Spanish documentary, House of Gods, about a man who has dedicated his life to living without money and serving others. He most recently directed the first installment, Pilgrim, of the Anthropology Anthology short film series and is in development for three feature film scripts produced through Soft Cage Films.

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Writer Statement

In our post-narrative, sound-bite obsessed world, apathy is everywhere. There is less motivation to craft a story full of meaning that connects people and makes them feel part of the larger story of humanity. But we are storytelling creatures. It is how we make sense of the world. It is how we connect and influence and teach one another and create a culture that each successive generation can build upon. Without stories, individuals are isolated. We need stories to unite us, to illuminate shared truths. What we don't need is more computer generated noise in the form of robotic violence. It creates fear and teaches us that safety is the most important thing for which we can strive.

I believe film needs to take risks. It needs to be personal and to challenge our culture. It must come from an absolute need to say something, to illuminate truth. It cannot be another way to pursue wealth and power. It is too important. It can elevate. It can inspire. It can start the revolution.