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The Goldenhill Fortune

A throwback comedy that reminds us of the good ol days. Inspired by comedy icons like, John Hughes, Mel Brooks, Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman.

Two brothers, Wilber and Reginald Goldenhill, are notified one day that their father, who left them when they were very young, has passed away. The father's long time friend and lawyer, Irwin Webb, comes and arranges a meeting with the brothers. He explains that when their father left them, he went on to become a very wealthy man and has a very large inheritance to leave them. The lawyer plays a video (think Brewsters Millions) of the deceased father giving the details...

Here's where the catch comes in. In order to receive their inheritance, the brothers must fulfill their fathers last wish. The lawyer has a list of experiences dearly departed dad had always wanted to share with his boys, but never did. They must experience them now, using the lawyer as the surrogate father. Irwin knew their father best, and Irwin is the one who makes the final call on whether the experiences truly are fulfilled or not. Once the list is complete, Irwin will finalize the transfer of the estate and the boys will be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Michael Peake
    Jacob's Paradox
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    United States
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  • Creative World Awards

    Comedy Screenplay Finalist
  • TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival

    2nd Runner Up
  • Zed Fest Film Festival

    Screenplay Finalist
  • Hollywood Sky Film Festival

    Official Selection - Screenplay
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival
    Beverly Hills, CA
    March 1, 2016
    Official Selection - Screenplay
  • IndustryBoost Competition

    Screenplay Finalist
  • West Field Screenwriting Awards

    Best Comedy Screenplay
  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

    Screenplay Finalist
Writer - Michael Peake