Big Mama's House

A single mother of three adopts seven special needs children to her family. The everyday funny and not so funny things that go on daily would make a great sitcom. They way the mother deals with the 22 yr old Schizophrenic, 17 yr. old bipolar teen, 14 yr. old with Autism, 11 year old with A.D.H.D. and the rest of of the kids daily drama. The mother laughs, the children laugh and sometimes they cry but they are happy and the love is never ending. As they live life in the Ghetto. This is about my life and a funny thing like my son thinking he was a pastor one day was trying to preach to the other children. After he took his medication and snapped back, everybody was hysterical including him. We couldn't stop laughing. We were not laughing at him but laughing with him because he didn't know one Bible verse but he was serious.

  • Tonya Austin
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Writer Biography - Tonya Austin

I am a single mother of 10 children, seven adopted. Four with special needs ranging from ADD to Schizophrenia as well as disabling medical conditions that require constant. I attention and medications. My family and I live a city known as the murder capital of in New York State and the constant battles I have to fight on a daily basis to keep my kids safe and healthy.

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Big Mama goes Full House. Big Mama is a formatted reality TV series about a courageous single mother of three. This particular woman not any has three children of her own, but also has chosen to adopt seven special needs children. The special-needs children along with their normal siblings face many obstacles on a daily basis, but their mother has taught them how to laugh at each other and how to laugh at themselves. Without this woman’s determination to keep her family together, these children would never have a chance to grow and to survive. Because this family laughs together and cries together, they realize that the love that they receive is never ending. Big Mama features Mama and her children Evan, Brian, Ricky, Essence and Gregory. Secondary characters include family and friends. Whenever a TV presentation can present the trials and tribulations of a unique family and display the love and happiness in spite of these obstacles, it could become a popular viewer destination. Big Mama is such a production and could garner a generous audience.