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Format: TV Series suitable for Cable. This is the proverbial Walk a Mile in My Shoes. Once in a while we all wish we were someone else. Be careful what you wish for; these gift boxes all have a surprise waiting.
GENRE: Sci-Fi / Fantasy.
Series Logline: Pairs of random individuals get an extraordinary gift. Without notice their lives are suddenly switched for twenty-four hours. Some will meet danger, some will not cope. The man to notice this is the least suited to manage this quantum energy science hocus pocus.
PILOT LOGLINE: MILES the LA finance guru promised more than he can deliver and dangerous people await results. An unexpected body switch with a simple herder Cholon in Mongolia will only delay the inevitable for twenty-four hours. Cholon the herder will adjust to the hustle and the sudden violence of LA. Miles will struggle with the simplicity of an honest existence.

  • Peter Roach
    Middle Passge
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    Screenplay, Television Script
  • Genres:
    sci-fi, fantasy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Peter Roach

Is there a typical screenwriter path? If so, I did not travel that road. I retired from working on the Grid. Yes that Electrical Grid, the one that fails in post-apocalyptic movies and in Texas.
So I write starships, galaxies, and all that stuff, but no anal probing. I also like to create spin a good fantasy yarn.

Not the ordinary Mellow Monster from Planet X sci-fi, not the take a western and transplant it on a waste moon sci-fi, but the good stuff, the $450 dollar a bottle 20 year old single malt sci-fi.
Do I have a style?
My characters must evolve to adapt, they must grow to survive. I do not write about heroes, I write about people who have to become heroes.

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Episode 2:
Second Switch: GRACE Whitfield – RCMP British Columbia. One of the first Daketh women in the force, she is dedicated to end the prejudice of her environment. The RCMP treats Native Canadians with little respect. Missing native women are not a priority, murders are not investigated. ANONG will drop into the middle of this fight for human rights. This woman of the martial arts of Thailand will not bow to bigots. In her new body she feels the freedom, the power of the position.
ANONG Tangtrongchit, Thailand. Today is her wedding day. Her family’s financial issues forced a marriage to a wealthy man. She has been dreading this day. But Grace will not get married today, she has women at home to save. She wants out. Her new body has surprising skills. This wedding will be more Royal Rumble than celebration. Rich family vs a poor family with Ong Bak skills. Muay Thai for the second course.
B story: Miles and Cholon
Miles returns to Mongolia as himself trying to woo a woman who does not know he exists. He has a wrestling match with Cholon. Khongi, however is a bigger challenge. She has no intention of being anyone’s mail order bride. Cholon becomes intrigued with switching. He wants to do it again. Zaya warns both men of consequences.