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Middle Passage

LOGLINE: When an LA detective assigned to a Native reservation is abducted, he must form an alliance with other aliens, lead an uprising or die in the vastness of space.

  • Peter Roach
    SwiitchBack, LifeTime
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Peter Roach

Is there a typical screenwriter path? If so, I did not travel that road. I retired from working on the Grid. Yes that Electrical Grid, the one that fails in post-apocalyptic movies and in Texas.
So I write starships, galaxies, and all that stuff, but no anal probing. I also like to create spin a good fantasy yarn.

Not the ordinary Mellow Monster from Planet X sci-fi, not the take a western and transplant it on a waste moon sci-fi, but the good stuff, the $450 dollar a bottle 20 year old single malt sci-fi.
Do I have a style? I use fantasy to put ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations. They must evolve to adapt, they must grow to survive. I do not write about heroes, I write about people who have to become heroes.

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This is an alien abduction that turns into a slave revolt in space and surprisingly a man who is lost on Earth accepts a new life among the stars.