Jim’s life as a new police officer unravels when his fiancée Sarah is killed. Finding life in “our city” now unbearable, Jim returns to his small town home only to find that his partner Billy is right – “Every town has its rats.”

The peaceful town Jim remembers now hides from the shadow of Carl, a thug turned drug dealer. Carl and his boys create chaos in a town poorly governed by Carl’s father, a beaten down sheriff.

PEACEKEEPER follows Jim as he tries to rebuild his life, reconnect with his town and learn to love again. Carl and Jim collide over Tori whose high school crush on Jim reignites, leading Carl to assault Jim’s new-found peace. For Tori and the town, Jim has to man up and root out the evil that has taken hold.

PEACEKEEPER is a feel-good story of courage, second chances and the triumph of character.

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    drama, romance
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    United States
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Writer Biography

I fell in love with the big screen after taking a high school job in a local cinema. I saw Disney's "That Darn Cat" at least 30 times... and lived to tell the tale.

I have worked in technology most of my career. After thirty years, the itch to write for the cinema could be contained no longer. As a blogger and business owner, I have always loved writing and exercising my creative muscles.

Peacekeeper is my first project. The next will likely be a technical thriller to leverage my industry knowledge and love of mystery.

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We are all a work-in-progress. Be kind to each other and enjoy the journey together.