Aruu Falls FlyBy

So you can build a drone. You can fly a drone. In your backyard. In your neighborhood. But how about this: pack it up, travel to Africa, find a little-know waterfall called the Aruu Falls, traverse a river, hack out a helipad with a machete, and then fly a drone. Now that is insane! But we did it. With intense humidity, water everywhere, rocks to scramble -- but it was a blast, as you can see.

Alas, not all adventures have happy endings. After our escapade at the falls, we visited the second-largest waterfall in Africa, Murchison Falls. One of the rotors on our drone unexpectedly shut down at 150s altitude, and we are sorry to say the quadcopter now rests at the bottom of the Nile among the skeletons of hippos and crocodiles.

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  • Genres:
    adventure, travelling
  • Runtime:
    5 minutes 2 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 27, 2014
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Czech Republic
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Director Biography

In 1985 I was born with very poor sight. First year of my life my parents did not realized something is wrong, but at the age of 16 months it was pretty clear I see almost nothing. When the doctors supposed me to lose my vision at all very soon, it was a shock for them. My dad is an artist and he wanted to lecture me in the arts since the childhood. My mom is a nurse, but her true passion is amateur drama. Maybe, that is why they did not accept doctor's opinion and tried to find a help. And they found! Thanks to God, to a lot of work of professional kindergarten teachers, great support of my parents and a lot of eye-training I see. And I see perfectly! Since the times my vision went good I enjoy every detail, every color and I admire any type of light.

My father and me made use of every opportunity to take some shots outdoor until my 20. Now I am PhD student of Hydrobiology at Charles University in Prague. At the same time I am a professional photographer and work for the Faculty of Science as well as for the Prague Zoo and Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

One part of my work , maybe the most interesting one, consists of magnifying very small organisms to large prints using special microscopes and various microphotography technologies. Hopefully you will enjoy that as I do :-)

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