The Jekyl Island Millionaires Club

When was America great?
At the turn of the century.
Coasting through the Gilded Age and sailing into the Industrial Revolution, the original 1% cosseted on their own private island showed us how to succeed at success.

These robber barons who controlled America's course by holding monopolies in all the top tier industries fought each other to keep their power while co-mingling on Jekyl Island.

These larger than life characters with names like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Morgan are deeply embedded in our cultural psyche. With unchecked egos and unprecedented wealth they answered to no one, they created the art of the deal, controlled banking and politics and established the cult of celebrity.
By learning about them we learn who we were and who we are now and who we may or may not aspire to be.

Jekyl Island is an arced docu-drama set within the steamy Golden Isles of coastal Georgia, known to be the most exclusive private club in the world at that time, Jekyl is a magical place steeped in history and heavy with stories, it has an intriguing and historical place in our journey as a country.

  • Judith Abingdon
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    Television Script, Treatment
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    United States
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  • Napa Valley Film Fest, top ten
    November 14, 2015
    top ten best pitches
Writer - Judith Abingdon