This films purpose is to bring awareness in the areas of history, educating, and preservation of the positive things in music and the culture that are being lost due to exploitation.

  • Benton Jeter
  • Erik "Jazzemoto" Williams
  • Benton Jeter
  • Benton Jeter
  • Rodney Stone (Funky 4), DJ Hollywood, Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ Jazzemoto, Cut Master DC, Kev Ski (Original Rock Steady Crew), Tracy 168, Whodini, DJ Steve Dee, DJ Flawless, DJ Kimpossible, DJ Lady Love, Mell Starr, DJ Bazarro, Son of Bazerk, Sista Sypher, & DJ Easy B
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    July 18, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    5,200 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Peachtree Village International Film Festival
    Atlanta, Ga.
    August 25, 2013
Director Biography - Benton Jeter, Erik "Jazzemoto" Williams

Be􀅶to􀅶 A. Jeter a.k.a 􀍞Eas􀇇 B􀍟 is a 􀅶ati􀇀e of Ne􀇁port Ne􀇁s, Virgi􀅶ia. “i􀅶􀄐e his earl􀇇 de􀇀elop􀅵e􀅶tal stages there
was a subconscious love for music. He was properly introduced to this love of music via Hip Hop the culture as a
While spending hours practicing, and perfecting difficult moves as a full-time break-dancer; he started
experimenting with DJing on the side. During his years as a breaker, he learned more about the culture and the
two core values of the
Culture; to 􀄏e 􀄐o􀅵petiti􀇀e a􀅶d to 􀄏e a perfe􀄐tio􀅶ist. He ear􀅶ed the 􀅶a􀅵e 􀍞EA“Y􀍟 fro􀅵 his peers that ofte􀅶 said,
􀍞You make the 􀅵o􀇀es look so EA“Y􀍟. A􀄐􀄐o􀅵plishi􀅶g a􀅶d perfe􀄐ti􀅶g those diffi􀄐ult 􀅵o􀇀es o􀅶 the floor a􀅶d
proclaiming himself
as a breaker earned him the title EASY BREAK. While becoming more interested in DJing, he developed skills
with those same core values and found interest in media and broadcasting. Later, he retired from the culture as
a breaker and
started a new phase as a full-time DJ. So, he dropped the 􀍞REAK􀍟 fro􀅵 his 􀅶a􀅵e, 􀄏ut kept the letter 􀍞B􀍟 a􀅶d
added the DJ signifying his new identity as a DJ (DJ EASY B). Since then he has been on a quest as a DJ and
seeing the whole
Culture with that same theory and having participated in more than one element of the culture has made him a
better DJ. Later, he knew that he has found a new love as a DJ, but the love for music was subconsciously there
the whole
During his development as a DJ, he also got involved in production and artistry. He started doing house parties,
talent shows, community functions, and clubs. Later around early 1988, he started recording music in the studio
with some
Close friends (B.O.B/N.O.N) in Knoxville, Tennessee and developed valuable production and performance skills
that developed at a rapid pace. Around 1989, he and the group started doing openings for major artists such as:
Kool Moe
Dee, MC Lyte, and Biz Markie. Shortly after, the group experienced failures with record deals and having to
learn the way of the industry the hard way.
Ba􀄐k i􀅶 Virgi􀅶ia arou􀅶d 􀏭􀏵􀏵􀏰; a 􀄐lose frie􀅶d of his 􀅶a􀅵ed Theodore 􀍞Tedd􀇇􀍟 Rai􀅶e􀇇 taught hi􀅵 a lot a􀄏out
management and made him apart of the RPM Management staff. Now, having knowledge on management and
helping to
develop artists u􀅶der Rai􀅶e􀇇􀍾Mo􀅶ta’- Marcola Records Group-Hollywood California), he saw his mistakes from
the past and learned that proper management was a major piece missing from the equation and this lead
his group to their failures. DJ Easy B started developing relationships with individuals in management, radio,
and high media positions the lessons that he learned from those individuals taught him more about the industry
the other side of the fence. Attending college as a media major also helped him to understand, develop, and
arm himself with the right intellect to survive in this industry.
“i􀅶􀄐e the􀅶, DJ Eas􀇇 B has 􀄏ee􀅶 􀄏lessed to ha􀇀e 􀇁orked 􀇁ith so􀅵e of the i􀅶dustries greatest su􀄐h as: Da􀇀id 􀍞PIC􀍟
Conley from the veteran R&B group (Surface), Levi Little (Blackstreet), Kool Moe Dee, Easy Lee, MC Lyte, K Rock,
Biz Markie,
Cool V, Lil Zane, Juney Boomdata, DJ Jelly (Oomp Camp Records-Atlanta), Prism (Def Jam South/ Rap A Lot
Records), UGOD (Wu Tang Clan), Public Enemy, Whodini (backup DJ) and Clarence Williams Entertainment, Inc.
(David Williams-
Mi􀄐hael Ja􀄐kso􀅶’s perso􀅶al guitarist􀍿 just to 􀅶a􀅵e a fe􀇁. While i􀅶 Atla􀅶ta, he has gotte􀅶 the opportu􀅶it􀇇 to pla􀇇
for a very diverse audience and gained more respect for the other for􀅵s of 􀅵usi􀄐 due to Atla􀅶ta’s di􀇀ersit􀇇.
Some of these
􀇀e􀅶ues i􀅶􀄐lude: Te􀅵ptatio􀅶, “tar )o􀅶e, O􀄐ea􀅶s, Clu􀄏 􀏭􀏭􀏮, 􀏮􀏵􀏭, The Valle􀇇, Chit Chat, Marle􀅶es, “portsli􀅶e, JR’s,
Café 􀏭􀏳􀏯􀏴, Clu􀄏 I􀅶fa􀅵ous, “􀄐ores, Ja􀇇’s Pla􀄐e, a􀅶d 􀅵ore. DJ Eas􀇇 B has also, had e􀇆perience in television &
videos such as:
(Kollaboration video-Mass Confusion), Keep it Real- TV Show 􀍾UPN􀍿, Ba􀄏􀇇 Bo􀇇 Do􀅶’t Get Your Hair Cut
(Independent film). In 1999, DJ Easy B established Dues Paid Productions, Inc. to help un-established artists to
learn about the
Industry and its components from a realistic perspective. He has also, established a film division of the company
a􀅶d has 􀄐reated the 􀄐o􀅵pa􀅶􀇇’s first do􀄐u􀅵e􀅶tar􀇇 proje􀄐t 􀄐alled MU)IK LUVAHA) 􀍞Wh􀇇 are 􀇇ou… Who 􀇇ou
are?􀍟 􀇁hi􀄐h
has been screened in Atlanta & New York.
Benton A. Jeter
(678) 755-7022
Facebook: Benton Jeter or DJ Easy B
Twitter: djeasyb2006

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“Muzik Luvahaz” the hip hop documentary that uplifts, educates and inspires.