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Catherine O’Reilly is angry. She protests in front of the Houston Dispatch newspaper. Her ex, Sam, the publisher watches as the police arrest her. At the police station a psychologist/lawyer, Barrett Sumter, tries to help when Catherine gets into a minor scuffle. She says, “I don’t like lawyers until I need one.”

Catherine runs a non-profit to support people with depression. After the divorce 15 years earlier, she crashed with depression and lost her four-year old son. Michael, now 19, has autism and was placed in St. Patrick’s, a posh Louisiana institution.

Her ex is the man who did it. He is the target of her anger.
When Catherine learns Michael has been choked by a caretaker, she begins an epic battle, with the help of the lawyer, Sumter, to regain guardianship of her son and bring him home.

  • Carole Keeney Harrington
    Pussy Riot the Movement
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  • Malibu International Film Festival
    Malibu, California
    November 6, 2013
    Best International Documentary
Writer Biography - Carole Keeney Harrington

Carole Keeney Harrington is a journalist turned filmmaker.

I was an award-winning journalist at the Houston Chronicle for nearly eight years. I also spent 14 years in higher education, where I ran the entire communications division for the college, including the TV station, and where I made a number of educational films. I have a master’s degree in educational psychology and a bachelor’s in journalism.

Two years ago, I went to Russia to do a documentary on Pussy Riot. We completed the movie, "Pussy Riot the Movement," for which I wrote the script and produced. In early 2015, we did a small theatrical run in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Philadelphia. We have a domestic distributor and foreign sales agent. The movie sold in multiple territories and is on various VOD and cable TV platforms. Our website is below, and we are on Facebook and Twitter. Following are websites to my company and current projects: - company - producer
www. - script/producer - script/producer

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The script I am submitting has been gestating for years, shortly after I saw "Rain Man." I loved the movie but was appalled that a person with $2 million would be shuffled back into a large institution. Most people with autism live in the community.

This is a passion project that I am determined to take from script to screen. I have a son with autism who lives with me. He has progressed, with my support, into a lovable character. Unlike Raymond in "Rain Man," he loves to fly. The mannerisms and speeches of Michael in my script come authentically from Christopher.

As a producer of "Pussy Riot the Movement," I have raised a budget and currently have an experienced LA director attached to the script for "My Chaperone the Drone." I also have deep contacts in the autism community where a tremendous audience and funding reside.