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Going African Banana's

A rich girl has three first class tickets to go holiday in Africa, Including one for her dog (Pet Chihuahua) who gets replaced by her friends, fake African prince; from Cairo in Egypt to Nigeria in West Africa they get to see Africa with all the good and bad sides of it. "Like when the Africans mother slaps the American for greeting her husband as Ma Dawg" its a hilarious and fast paced comedy guaranteed to get laughs with a bright prospect for sequels.

  • Victor Ogugua
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Other
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    United Arab Emirates
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Writer Biography - Victor Ogugua

Victor Rothsman (Pen Name) is a Comedian, Creator, Inventor, Author of books. who has lived in Houston Texas, Manchester England, China, And Malaysia... I love travelling and fresh air of nature. Writing is my passion and a good way to reduce stress and create laughter.

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