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Trailer Tears of Ghost

Jo-Ann is a teenage girl. She is trying to save herself from dropping out of college. She decides to start doing a final project. She finds a perfect house to work on. What she doesn't know, the perfect house has a dark secret. She meets a girl name Renata who ask her to be her friend. Suddenly, Jo-Ann is mixed between two different dimensions and the final project is not just a final project anymore. Even after she wants to stop the final project her soul doesn't want her to. Finally she finds out the truth about what is exactly happened to this girl Renata and her family. This finding leads her to a suprising, thrilling and sweet ending no one can ever imagine.

  • Natasha Dematra
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    2 minutes 15 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 18, 2015
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Asia Pacific Filmakers Festival and Awards

    Special Screening
  • TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival

    Official Selection
  • Simply Shorts Film Festival

    Official Selection
  • Ax Wound Film Festival

    Official Selection
Director Biography - Natasha Dematra

Natasha Dematra is a 17 year-old director, actress, singer, songwriter, editor, producer, public speaker, ambassador for peace-human rights-tolerance, world-traveller. She has received more than 100 awards from acting, singing, directing, producing, editing and for humanitarian work.

As a director, she began her directing career at the age of 11 where she was awarded the title 'The youngest female director in the world’ for a feature film from Royal World Records and Museum Rekor Dunia-MURI (World Record Museum). She has directed four movies such as (Mama, Aku Harus Pergi-2009), (Tears Of Ghost-2015), (Dream-Post Production), (Angel-Post Production). Natasha has received awards for her directing career such as Best Director, Emerging Filmmaker Award, Best Under 18 Filmmaker.

As an actress, she is known for her leading roles in (Let's Play, Ghost-2013), (L4lupus-2010), (Dream Obama-2011), (I'm Star-2013), (Tears Of Ghost-2015) and (From Seoul To Jakarta-2015). Natasha has won several awards in her acting career such as Award of Excellence (Let's Play Ghost, Dream Obama, I'M Star) Gold Reel award for her role in (Let's Play, Ghost) and Platinum Award for her role in (L4Lupus) also Gold Award for her role in (Dream Obama), and another Gold Award for her role in (I'm Star) and nominee as Best Lead Actress from St. Tropez International Film Festival and Madrid International Film Festival, Italy International Film Festival for her role in (From Seoul To Jakarta). She also received awards for her role in (Tears Of Ghost) such as Best Actress in A Lead Role from International Independent Film Awards. Recently, Natasha just received the title of Best Actor Under 18 from Global Independent Film Awards.

As an editor, She has edited movies like (Tears Of Ghost), (Angel), (Dream), (Digilir Ala Genderuwo), (School Fighter) and most of her music videos. Natasha has received awards as Best Editor for her movies and music videos. Recently, she just received Gold Award as Best Editor for her movie (Tears Of Ghost) from International Independent Film Awards.

As a singer, Natasha has received 39 awards for her song and music videos. She started recording her song since 2014 where she was given the opportunity to sing the soundtracks for her role in (From Seoul To Jakarta). Up to now she has recorded 50 songs in dual language. She has received 2 Bronze award for her song (Salute to Jokowi) and (One Love For All) from Global Music Award and won the 'Most Favorite Female Singer' and 'The Overall Most Favorite’ with almost 40.000 votes from around the world. She also received nomination from Utah Music Award and received awards for her songs from Prestige Music Award, Miami Independent Film Festival, AWARENESS Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest and TOFF Festival. She just released her first album with the title One Love. According to Natasha, she will dedicate all the money from the album for peace and humanity. Her album was launched by South African actress and producer, Alice Krige.

In 2014, she was appointed as Ambassador for Peace by IFFPIE and Ambassador for Humanity by World Humanitarian Award and in this capacity she met President Jokowi and many distinguished figures. In March 2015, she became the ambassador for the Indonesian People's Creative Council and in November 2015, she was appointed as the Ambassador for Tolerance. Natasha has received Humanitarian Award, Environmental Award, Diversity & Inclusion Award for all her humanitarian work.

During her busy schedules, Natasha still keeps her love for travelling. She has visited Australia, Asia, Europe and America. During her America backpacked touring for 4 months she attendend the second inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington D.C. In February 2015, Natasha Dematra received a Royal Princess title from Keraton Solo (Surakarta Kingdom) for her tremendous achievement in such a young age. Natasha has been invited in many conferences and festivals to share her experience and expertise.

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