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As human beings, do we have the right to decide our own life and death? Or do we have any right to other people’s life and death?
Shi-Wei, a third-year medical school student, is facing the greatest challenge for all medical school students-anatomy on a real body. The night before the school started, Shi-Wei saw the name of the body they are going to practice on- his own mother…
In the laboratory where all the bodies lie, A-Zhe is walking toward Ru-Guan’s body and taking up the scalpel. As the others are making some movements, there is sound of clashes and broken sounds of glasses. All the people, teachers and students, all stop what they are doing and start looking at where the sound is coming from. They see scalpels and bottles of alcohol scattering on the floor. A-Zhe is sitting on the ground, blood coming out from his arm. Shi-Wei drops his scalpel with blood on it, making a clear sound.
On the hallway in the hospital, Shi-Wei is leaving after his proposal about giving up CPR treatment on his grandmother. Guo-Yi stops Shi-Wei, his own son who is repeating his own mistake, and tells Shi-Wei about how he gave up on Ru-Guan when he knew there was still a chance for her. Shi-Wei just keeps walking without turning back to his own father.

  • Ding-Chiau YANG
  • Ding-Chiau YANG
  • Jing-Shuang WU
  • Yong-Quan LI
    Key Cast
  • Ming-Yao LU
    Key Cast
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    Short, Student, Television
  • Runtime:
    21 minutes 38 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 30, 2015
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Director Biography - Ding-Chiau YANG

Yang Ding-Chiau, born on December 12th, 1990, graduated from Shih-Hsin University Department of Radio, Television, and Film. He participate in several short films and commercials as recording and director units. Missa is his first directorial short film. He looks for a different ways to see through things that are taken for granted.

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Director Statement

Do We Have the Right to Death?
Spring 2012, the headline on every newspaper is “She Is the Paragon of Performing an Autopsy, and She Has a No CPR Tattoo on Her Chest.” At that time, this report attracted my attention immediately. Out of curiosity, I went to the hospital to ask a doctor of my acquaintance. Later on, I realized that at the last moment of life, people often fail to make their own decision. This is also why they always ask the patient’s family to sign the agreement paper to show their understanding of the situation. My question is: if the decision lies in the hands of the patient’s family, what is the point of signing the donation agreement before one’s doomed time? The doctor said: “this is why we can only tell family members to respect the patient’s wish, there is nothing more we can do about it.”The answer makes me reconsider the meaning of “life.”
Hence I decided to combine such a conflict between being a doctor and a family. I see “life” from a very different perspective through that tattoo in the news.