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Second Chances

"SECOND CHANCES" is the heartwarming story about a young woman, Dani, who continues her father's storied and widely admired legacy of taking in and rehabbing abused horses at his ranch, Serenity Acres. Since her father's death, which she blames herself for, the ranch has become Dani's sole focus, causing her to turn her back on all she once loved. Dani's most recent rescue, a quarter horse, Chance, was just moments from being shot by when
she managed to come between him and certain death. Now the spirited horse is safe at Serenity acres but having trouble trusting. Much like Dani, the horse retreats, shunning contact with others.
That is until her former love, Vincent, now the town Sheriff, wants her to take in an abused and abandoned fifteen year old boy, Jordan. Concerned that this troubled youngster will disrupt her
smoothly functioning operation, Dani balks. Vincent reminds her Jordan has a lot in common with the horses she's devoted her life to helping and she reluctantly agrees to give the boy a chance.
Surprisingly, the horse Chance, bonds immediately with Jordan. Dani grows fond of Jordan and sets out to learn more about his past. In doing so, she uncovers heartbreaking secrets about
Vincent's past as well. He, too, was an abused/abandoned boy. Jordan's mother, Penny, is a raging alcoholic who tried to block Jordan's relocation to the ranch but ended up in jail facing charges of child abuse and abandonment. Behind the scenes, Dani arranges for penny to transfer to a rehabilitation center, promising she'll reunite mother and son. The ranch manager, Jeff, is impressed with Jordan's work with Chance. Recently widowed with a fifteen year old daughter, Lexi, Jeff makes a decision to bring his daughter to help out at the ranch. It is soon discovered by Lexi and Jordan, there is a ring of thieves working at the ranch. Their
suspicions are quickly confirmed when the thugs start a raging fire at the ranch destroying one barn and half of another, leaving behind evidence that Jordan is guilty of this horrible deed.
With Jordan in Juvenile court, Dani sets out to prove his innocence. With the help of Lexi, they bring the hog tied thieves into court clearing Jordan of all charges. When all are back at the ranch, Vincent proceeds with his plan of ten years prior, to propose to Dani. They quickly discover they've both been harboring guilt of her fathers death. Their healing leads to a
second chance for love. After spending time in Rehab, Dani surprises Jordan with a visit from his mother, who is a different
woman. A happy Jordan, sees a brighter future for he and his mother. Yet, another second chance.

  • Christine Koehler
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    United States
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  • Nicholl Fellowship
    Hollywood, CA
    September 1, 2013
    Quarter Finalist
Writer - Christine Koehler