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Are human relations a game of power?Is there a line that should never be crossed?Based on a true story, a screenplay on human communication. Two people that do not know each other, meet in a warehouse. They want to communicate through erotic games of submission. However, as lines are crossed, their masks fall ahd their real characters are revealed. Based on a theatrical play of Georgia Chioni called "X".

  • Georgia Chioni
    Lucky John (short, dark comedy, US, 2012), The Pink Scarf (theatrical play, Greece, 2008-2014), Rats (theatrical play, Greece, 2011), The grey costume (theatrical play, Greece, 2011), In cold blood (theatrical play, Greece, 2011-2013)
  • Georgia Chioni
    Borderline (2015) (Producer/Writer/Director)
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Georgia Chioni

Award winning author, screenwriter and director.Six novels written, as well as numerous screenplays and theatrical plays, which have been produced.
Screenplays: Lucky John (Short, JustLive Film Studios, US 2012), Deadly Luck (Short, Animeye Productions, Greece, 2012), Jilted (romantic comedy, 2029 Moments of Media, UK, 2012)
Theatrical plays: The Pink Scarf, The Grey Costume, Rats, In Cold Blood, Intolerable Life, Excursion.
Producer/Director/Writer: Borderline (2015)

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