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Zoom out

Video based on Caspar David Friedrich’s painting “The wanderer above the sea of fog”, one of the icons of the XIX century Romanticism Painting.
The screen is a frame. It establishes the limits of what is inside and what is outside, what is shown and what is hidden. In this video, the original painting has augmented its limits and expanded its frame in height, width and depth. Around the original painting, the landscape has been reconstructed digitally to cover the surface. The cracks of the original painting have been restored and the colour balance altered.

“Zoom out” expresses the spirituality through the contemplation of nature and diminishes the strength of man in the larger scale of life. Compared to contemporary iconography, based on fragmented images and contradictory messages, “Zoom out" looks to nature at its finest, and makes ordinary life small and insignificant compared to the grandeur of that nature.

  • claRa apaRicio yoldi
  • Mally Harpaz
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    3 minutes 6 seconds
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Director Biography - claRa apaRicio yoldi

claRa is a videoartist from Madrid (Spain). Graduating in Art History from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she moved to London in 2008, where she currently lives and works.
She experiments with different formats and explores the frontiers between traditional and new media: mixing video and animation with painting, elements of graphic design, interactivity, programming and digital art.
Her videos have been screened in various international festivals, galleries and art spaces around the world.

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Director Statement

Art is a way to express and transmit new aspects of reality. The artist discovers and perfects new languages that more directly correspond with our experiences.

I experiment with different formats and explore the frontiers between traditional and new media: mixing video with painting, elements of web design and interactivity, programming and digital art.

Recycling the aesthetic of commercials and marketing tools, my videos are a play of seduction, image overload, repetition, flashy colours, advertising hypnosis, contradiction, incomplete messages, manipulation... Sometimes I use found footage and then, the value of the images comes not from the images themselves but from the editing and the new meaning they acquire.

I put into question the traditional narrative resources with the juxtaposition of images and copy-paste collages of a schizophrenic nature. Images are in conflict, looped and repeated, in synchrony with the music. I want my videos to be ‘heard’, to be more like music, more abstract.

My pieces talk about the new ways of communication between people in an era of new technologies. The poetry of loneliness and anonymity. The frontiers between reality and fiction, and the connections between the world of dreams and the real world. About the loss of privacy. About images in the current society and the power of mass media and telecommunications. About the brands and adverts ubiquity.