TIES Lost in life Full Film

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Director Biography

Saeed is an artist who hopes to better humanity
with his. I he works in traditional forms, along
with modern forms such as digital photography
and motion pictures. He’s been a professional
videographer/photographer since fall of 2010. His
experience and studies of media/communications
have allowed him to become versed in various
styles of photography, videography, and graphic
design. He has pours theses skill sets and passions
into this film and aims to continue on this path.

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Director Statement

He collected some of philadelphia’s best talent for
this film. Antywon Wright a great stage and screen
actor with a dynamic range and ability within his
craft, along with a series of up and coming actors
and actress ready to shake the industry with
powerful performances. Saeed has completed a
variety of projects with thread of drama suspense
and light hearted humor. Saeed’s range is deep,
Saeed was the executive producers passionately
involved in every aspect of the production process.
Saeeds is product of the fruit of his labor and her
knows it is a viable film for the indie spectrum and
looks forward to releasing it to the public