40 NORTH Dance Film Festival aims to bring dance and artistic filmmaking to a broader audience while providing a platform for dance and film artists to share their voices in a broader context, inspiring movers and filmmakers, alike.

The 5th annual 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival – currently open for submissions – will be held in San Diego, California, October 2019.

40 NORTH Dance Film Festival is open to films at any length, especially those that utilize a breadth of different filmic and dance styles or techniques to display movement using the screen or frame as a stage.

Different criteria for the films chosen to be presented in 40 NORTH include: quality of image, sound, choreography and dance; with attention on camera choreography and innovative use of editing techniques.

By selecting and screening a wide range of film and dance styles, 40 NORTH aims to raise the question and explore “What makes dance?” and/or “What constitutes dance-film?” while exploring how new media outlets and technologies can apply to and collaborate together to promote the evolution of dance as an art form.

See 40northfest.com/submit for additional details

Overall Rating
  • Great quality of line-up, great communication & networking. Thanks 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival.

    October 2018
  • Kinetic Embodiment

    We really want to thank 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival for taking such good care of our short dance film (media, communication, event..) we are really happy and grateful to have been selected for this nice and wonderful festival :)

    October 2018
  • Francesca Penzani

    I am honored that my film was screen during 40North Dance F ilm Festival. Excellent , and integrating festival. Great energy and support. thank you!

    October 2018
  • Mark Freeman

    Well curated. Well run. A great variety of films including international entries. A pleasure to participate.

    October 2018
  • Rebecca Salzer

    Had a wonderful experience having my work shown at 40North. The selection of films was broad and excellent, and the creative team made it a memorable experience.

    October 2018