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Forever Summer

Three imaginative kids spend a summer vacationing on the White River in Arkansas. With conjured Native American names they experience unexplainable events. When tragedy strikes their lives are bound forever.

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Writer Statement

This script is for my amazing son, Asa Egly. I lost my nineteen-year-old in an automobile accident on 7/31/11.
I cannot remember, not being a story teller. For some reason I thought I would give screenwriting a try. On his last visit, our last wonderful time together, he praised me to a friend he bought with him on his visit. "My mom can do anything," he bragged, "She's writing a movie."
Six months after his accident, I started a new journey, a way for me to say good-bye, to my son that I didn't get to. A year later I finished it and sent it to a local producer. He said it was good, but if I would re-write it and make changes, I would have a great screenplay . So I started over. One year into it, I lost my home to a fire, along with it my re-write of my screenplay. My project was put on hold for several reasons, but I never gave up on his screenplay. Three weeks ago, I read about the Bentonville Film Fest, I decided it was time to write my son's movie.
I worked a full time job and re-wrote my script in three-weeks. I made the April, 13th deadline by the skin of my teeth.
If you read my script, there will be silly errors, which I have now corrected. When I submitted my screenplay, I won . Forever Summer is my tribute to my amazing son. No Fence Too Far.