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Just 'Cause

Hired guns Barrett and Burnet are tasked with killing a young woman or be killed themselves. They take a shortcut through a desert and become lost. Left with only one horse, the two men realise that only one of them is making it out of the desert alive.

Burnet makes the case that if the young woman isn't killed, they are both as good as dead so it is better than one of them dies so that the other has a chance to live.
Barrett has second thoughts and feels that neither of them deserve to live and the young woman doesn't deserve to die.
As both men draw, Burnet shoots Barrett. However, instead of firing back, Barrett draws his gun and kills the horse thus dooming Burnet and saving the young woman. Realising all is lost, Burnet turns the gun on himself.

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Writer Biography

Ross Somerville is a Scottish screenwriter with an interest in many genres of film and television. Although specialising in Earth Sciences at university and his early career, he developed his love for screenwriting and finally took the plunge into writing professionally in 2015.
In the short time he has been writing, Ross has already had some success, having secured a feature film screenwriting contract, being invited onto the new CollabFeature TV project, and saw three different projects reach the semi-finals and finals of several competitions and festivals.
With several shorts, features, and his first TV show written plus many other projects in various stages of completion, Ross is looking forward to beginning his journey into the world of film and television.

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