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Invited by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture to analyze a new archeological discovery in Nineveh, DR. DANIEL KOURY (38) arrives in Mosul, where he visits his never-met-before grandfather SHINAR KHOURI (68) who is disappointed in his ‘Americanization’, and family name change, as he is the last of the family line. Arriving at the dig site, Daniel examines the scrolls and several coins recovered from the find, which are from era prior to, and at the birth of Christianity. Young, attractive Iraqi AMIRA RAHAL (33), director of the site, resents an outsider being called in on her ‘find’, but later warms a little when she sees his knowledge and considerable contributions.

Daniel and Amira return to Mosul, have dinner at Shinar’s house when ISIS forces invade the city. Shinar convinces ISIS soldiers Daniel and Amira are a married couple, and medical doctors. ISIS soldiers take Daniel and Amira to their headquarters, where Commander HAKIM HALABI (22) presses them into service as medics. After a few horrible experiences on the battlefield, Commander Halabi makes his new camp at a more secure place: the Nineveh excavation site. Daniel, Amira, and their helpers continue to excavate and analyze the site while impersonating medical doctors, and find a secret chamber, where a small band of local Christians, keepers of ancient Biblical texts led by JOSIAH (28), are hiding.

A higher ISIS commander, ABULLA ATTAHARI (44) arrives at the site, Daniel and Amira deflect his intense questions concerning the artifacts found there, which has drawn the attention from not only ISIS, but an unknown paramilitary force & undefined corporate executives, but certain members of the State Department & the Vatican as well.

The ISIS controlled excavation site is attacked by the unknown international paramilitary group, Daniel, Amira, and the workers hide in the tunnels leading to the secret chamber, which is now sealed from the inside. After ISIS forces are destroyed, the paramilitary finds Daniel, Amira, and the workers in the tunnel, evacuate them, and later blow up the secret chamber door, only to find it empty.

  • David Bryant Perkins
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  • Genres:
    Action, Adventure, War, Spys, ISIS, Conspiracy
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    United States
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  • International Independent Film Awards

    Silver Winner
  • Marquee Lights Script Competition

  • River Bend Film Festival

  • Hill Country Film Festival

  • Twister Alley Film Festival

  • Aura Screenplay Writers Awards

  • IFIPG Screenwriting Competition

  • GI Film Festival

  • ColorTape International Film Festival

    Official Finalist
  • Hollywood Screenplay Contest

    Official Finalist
Writer Biography - David Bryant Perkins

David's work has been published in journals, magazines, and newspapers throughout Europe, including columns in Germany’s largest Weekly Woman’s Magazine Bild der Frau in the 1980’s, Kurier Szczecinski during the 1990’s in Poland, where he also published his first book, which answered many spiritual and metaphysical questions many Polish people had after freeing themselves from the chains of communism:

Moja Gwieznda Therapia (Star Therapy) – ISBN 83 – 909578 – 5 – X

David's second book, by Tate Publishing, resulted from playing chess in a Hamburg city park, where a chance encounter opened up a German WWII veteran who worked in the Nazi SS Department of the Occult - The Black Sun - to share the works of Karl Krafft and other personalities who developed the occult for the Nazi war machine, leading to the book the film is based:

Hitler’s Astrologer - ISBN # 978-1-62902-336-6

David currently works as a SPED high school teacher of History, and is a year away from obtaining his PhD in Online Instructional Design. He has a lovely 16 year-old daughter who wishes to be a film director.

David is now involved in working with others on other screenplay projects including TEXT MESSAGES TO GOD with Antone Dotson, and NISEI LEGACY with Richard Imon, based on his photo journal book of the same name.

More info/bio at:

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