God's Gift To Women

Logline: A comedian and self-proclaimed connoisseur of women must come face to face with the impact of his doggish ways when a black magic woman puts a curse on him that takes away his mojo on stage and in the bedroom.

Synopsis: We open on Derrick Waters performing his standup comedy routine. He's the next Dave Chapelle or Kevin Hart for sure. His new agent introduces him to the head of a comedy network Mrs. Calhoone, whose mission is be in the missionary position with Derrick in exchange for a deal.

But Derrick is up for the Hollywood game. When Derrick's brother Fabrese announces he's getting married to Sheila, the walls close in on Derrick because he once bedded Sheila behind his brothers back. If this gets out all hell will break loose. Derrick works to keep this dark family secret as he navigates the many women in his life, including his new neighbor Vy. She’s the first woman he's had feelings for in ages. With the help of his friends Pretty Ricky and Ahamad (the devil and angel on Derrick’s shoulder), everything is under control. Until Derrick meets a waitress at a strip club who curses him with her version of a Siren’s 'song'.

Soon Derrick discovers he's not so smooth on stage and his bedroom abilities have flatlined! With the network executive ready to “seal the deal”, the girl of his dreams about to walk out of his life, and his worst secret about to tear his family apart, Derrick nearly loses everything trying to figure out how to break the curse, get his mojo back, and learns that sometimes a love story doesn’t have a picture-perfect ending.

  • Sharhonda Brown
    Black Dynamite, America's Got Talent
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    United States
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  • Los Angeles Screenplay Contest
    Los Angeles
    November 30, 2016
    Official Finalist
Writer - Sharhonda Brown